Child Rights Advocate Insists On Lawmaker Prosecution For Rape, Complains To U.S. Embassy, Others For Life-threatening

Abraham Keita, Child Rights Advocate

Abraham Keita, Child Rights Advocate, and the 2015 winner of the International Children’s Peace Prize has complained to several international organizations accredited near Monrovia including the United States embassy that his life has been threatened by Grand Gedeh County Representative, Morias Waylee for threatening his life via phone calls.

Recently, the Liberian child rights advocate, Abraham Keita led some groups of children with placards marched to the Capitol Building to call on members of the National Legislature to prevail on their colleague (Morias Waylee) who was accused of sexually raping his 15-year-old niece to face justice.

Liberian lawmaker Morias Waylee

The following day, Representative Waylee on a local radio station threatened to issue a lawsuit against Mr. Keita and his group for deformation of his character, and further said his legal team was in the process to issue a writ of arrest on Mr. Keita.

But speaking to reporters, Mr. Keita said his life has been threatened by the lawmaker through several phone calls to him, and said he has already written several foreign missions accredited near Monrovia including embassy of the United States of the threat from the Liberian lawmaker.

At the same time, the Liberia Children Forum is calling on Representative Waylee to face justice, this latest call to action is from Children’s Parliament, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, a ministry that oversees the right of women, children and other genders in the country.

At a press conference, the speaker of the parliament, Satta Sheriff, said it was troubling that a child would be violated by a lawmaker who is placed in a position to protect the interests of children.

She said the alleged rape of the 13-year old is not only degrading, shameful and unacceptable but also betrays the Legislature’s commitment to protect the children of Liberia.

“We condemn in the strongest terms the alleged rape of our little 13 year- old girl and we remain unbending and uncompromising in our quest to seek justice for every Liberian child that is prey of physical, domestic, psychological or any form of violence that intrudes on the existence of Liberian children rights to a peaceful and happy life. Representative Morias Waylee is not above the law,” she stated.

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