The 2017 Walhalla: As Candidates Dribble For ‘CoC’, Lebanese National Determines To Contest Representative Seat

Mr. Abdalah M. Housseini

The Liberian civil society group has alarmed over recent declaration by Mr. Abdalah M. Housseini who is believed to be a Lebanese national of his intent to contest for the pending October 10, 2017 legislative and presidential elections.

Mr. Abdalah M. Housseini was born to the parentage of a Liberian mother and a Lebanese father.

The Real Volunteers for Liberia’s Transformation (REVOLT) said it is concerned about a foreign national, who is claiming to be a Liberian citizen. This individual has expressed his desire to contest in the upcoming presidential and legislative elections.

In a release issued signed by the national chairman Dio Appleton on Wednesday in Monrovia, the group said it has documents in its possession that revealed that Mr. Abdalah M. Housseini is not a Liberian.

“We have documents in our possession that Housseini is not a Liberian but instead he bears a Lebanese citizenship,” the group claimed. According to the release, Mr. Hosseini has been abusing underage Liberian girls with the influence of money to the extent that he impregnated and abandoned the first underage Liberian girl, who has two children for him.

“As we speak, Housseini’s is currently in a relationship with another underage Liberian girl, something we believe, should claim the attention of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection,” the release maintained.

The group used the occasion to call on the Ministry of Justice through the Liberia Immigration Services to immediately begin an investigation of this Lebanese national, who is masquerading as a citizen of Liberia.

“We are aware and have the evidence that he dubiously earned a Liberian naturalization document in 2005 during the interim government of Charles Gyude Bryant. It remains a clear fact that a foreigner is not allowed to participate in our elections or any activity that is restricted to the participation of only Liberians, REVOLT said in the release.

The group said it hopes that the National Elections Commission will not allow any foreigner least to say a Lebanese, to participate in the country`s electoral process. “Any attempt to allow this individual to participate in our democratic process, will leave us with no option but to take legal action.”

The group said it is also calling on the All Liberian Party (ALP) of Mr. Benoni Urey not to allow Mr. Abdalah M. Housseini to contest the party’s primary because of his Lebanese nationality and his habitual molestation of underage Liberian girls.

At the same time the group has further called on Mr. Housseini to do the honorable thing by providing details and proof of his Liberian citizenship to authenticate his claim.

But responding to earlier claim made by similar group in April 2017 in Monrovia, Mr. Housseeini said he was born in Liberia to a parentage of a Liberian mother and Lebanese father, and it is his alienable right to claim which ever nationality he wants.

Considering Article 27 of the 1986 constitution of the Republic of Liberia states that

  1. a) All persons who, on the coming into force of this Constitution were lawfully citizens of Liberia shall continue to be Liberian citizens.
  2. b) In order to preserve, foster and maintain the positive Liberian culture, values and character, only persons who are Negroes or of Negro descent shall qualify by birth or by naturalization to be citizens of Liberia.
  3. c) The Legislature shall, adhering to the above standard, prescribe such other qualification criteria for and the procedures by which naturalization may be obtained.

For Article 28

Any person, at least one of whose parents was citizen of Liberia at the time of the person’s birth, shall be a citizen of Liberia; provided that any such person shall upon reaching maturity renounce any other citizenship acquired by virtue of one parent being a citizen of another country. No citizen of the Republic shall be deprived of citizenship or nationality except as provided by law; and no person shall be denied the right to change citizenship or nationality.

Source: Mark B. Newa

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