ANC Vice Standard Bearer Described as “Nonsense” Impersonation Claim

Liberia former Ambassador to the United States, Jeremiah C. Sulunten with former US President Obama

Reports coming from Washington DC over the weekend by an informed staff of the Embassy suggesting impersonation by Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunten, vice standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) have been rubbished and further referred to as irresponsible campaign intended to besmear his hard earned character which shouldn’t be given the slightest attention.

With no iota of truth associated whatsoever to the story, Ambassador Sulunteh said via phone that he has absolutely no business to act in a capacity that he requested permission from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to leave in 2016, in order to pursue a new endeavor in his life.

The Ambassador was fast to register that he had requested a meeting with ECOWAS Ambassadors Group (EAG) through some colleagues at the Liberian Embassy in Washington which he personally sent out a communication to those ambassadors as follow-up.

“While our presence will intimidate our opponents who would equally use all and every variable available to blackmail us ranging from spew campaign that we are Canadian citizen to impersonation as Ambassador; our team led by Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings and the Alternative National Congress (ANC) is unmoved by those surrogates who are mere platitude of deceit. This paper has within its grab the full communication between Ambassador Sulunteh and the ECOWAS Ambassadors Group as former Ambassador to USA,” the Liberian diplomat said.

On the brink of his Canadian citizenship which has been preached by other surrogates on radio, the ANC second partisan made it cleared that party`s opponents will soon brand the entire political establishment as foreigners’ party even when it is clearly established that we are Liberians.

“Prior to my nomination as Ambassador to the United States, it was a known fact that I am a Liberian, but when I joined ANC and became the vice standard bearer to Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, the Coca-Cola retiree, then, I am branded as a Canadian,” he maintained.

“Although I am a Canadian trained economist, I am not a Canadian citizen. Probably in the not too distance future, the surrogate will refer to Chairman Lafayette E. O. Gould as a British citizen and on we go,” said the Ambassador.

The Liberian diplomat is the former Liberian Ambassador to the United States of America and is currently the vice standard bearer to Mr. Alexander Benedict Cumming of the ANC.

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