‘Bus Preaching’: – A Nightmare For Riders

Bus Congregation threatened by a ‘Bus Preacher’ for not giving a minimum of LD100.00 as offerings

Bus preaching nowadays in Monrovia and its environs seems to be a business for many who usually take advantage of Bible believers whose ears are always itching to hear the words of God.

These bus preachers are always seen boarding buses from one end of the city to another, with some of the preachers under the subterfuge of making some cash for their daily living while some of them who are of the fear of God honestly use this occasion to sincerely spread the good news of God.

For some non-Christian riders in some of these buses, this new wave of collecting money from people under the guise of offerings by these ‘Bus preachers’ bothered them, noting that this new step on the part of these preachers to collect money from people is unbearable, and questioned their sincerity in the Lord.

What is so amusing about some of these bus preachers, especially those whose objective is to collect money from riders under the canopy of offerings for God, has become rampant as many of them sometimes throw out insults to those who turned down their request to give offerings.

In order for our reporter to see for himself, he took a ride onboard one of the huge buses, locally call ‘Killer Bee’, where it was observed that one of the preachers onboard of the one of the buses which he was riding in from New Georgia Estate to central Monrovia noticed one of the ‘Bus Preachers’ threatening occupants of the bus who are refusing to give a love offerings.

Our reporter say the preacher who claimed to be a ‘Man of God’ after speaking to his ‘bus congregation’ demanded that each of the riders sold a seed which should be not less than one hundred Liberia dollars, and if anyone fails to sold a seed in the amount of One Hundred Liberian Dollars will not succeed in their daily operations, noting “So said the Lord.”

This threat from the “Man of God” irritated many of the riders onboard this particular bus who began to wonder as to whether this man who calls himself ‘Man of God’ is he really a man of God.

“God is truly merciful, people using his name to rob the people in the name of God, the religious community must do something about these so call ‘Men of God’, who are roaming various transport buses,” one of the riders onboard who witnessed the drama told our reporter.

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