24 tribal organizations staged naked protest in Karbi Anglong

(By Hemanta Kumar Nath/GNN-Liberia India Correspondent)

Guwahati, April 21 : Politics in the trouble torn hills district Karbi Anglong in Assam on Friday had drastically changed while over hundred youths of 24 tribal organizations staged nude protest ahead of the polls of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC).

The members of 24 tribal organizations had staged nude protest of no cloths at Diphu town in the hills district and demanded to change electoral rolls ahead of the council poll.

The protesters staged nude protest to draw attention of the government.

The protesters demanded that, only tribal voters should be allowed to exercise in the council.

The protesters said that, if allowing non-tribal to vote in the council poll then it will affect their interest.

“The reason for the protests because act and rules for the conduct of council elections have not been made, and because the obsolete and defective rules of 1951 are still used by the KAAC and state government, the non-tribal emigrants have taken away political power of the schedule tribes guaranteed by the constitution of India.

So the schedule tribes who were covered with protective law are now politically naked. The political leaders who are in power in KAAC and in the state government are corrupting all public money and many of them are living in immoral life and showing off their riches at the cost of the poor schedule tribes shamelessly and nakedly.

Since they are doing corruptions nakedly and shamelessly, we are doing this naked demonstration,” the protesters said. Later, police had dispersed the protests by detaining the protesters.

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