The Future Of International Democracy: The “Choice” Of Meddling Power Hits America

By: Jefferson G. Togba

Jefferson G. Togba, The Author

In spite of America’s many years of advantages that often give smaller nations two choices: surrender or be destroyed, and either Washington choice and gain support politically, economically or else. You know what happens to regime that does not disappoint America interferences creed during elections in Africa and other parts of world.

How does Russia launched cyber-attack is unknown to the world’s greatest power on earth? Nicolo Machiavelli once asked, “Is it better to be loved or feared?” Yes, for too long United States has always deny smaller nations self-reliance and the truth meaning of democracy.

In search for asymmetric relations among great and less powers compelled Machiavelli and Thucydides to expressed power in the context of, “When one asks powerful neighbor to come to aid and defend one with his forces, they…are as useless as mercenaries”.  Then the question is the US inspiration to spread democracy is it deteriorating or what?

The leader of China communist revolution, Moa Zedong once said “Power comes from the barrel of the gun”. But today in the 21st century technology has the power that decides “Power”. If Russia meddling is true during the United States 2016 Elections outcome, then America lacks the doctrine of “Self Help” to protect its democracy and national interest through superiority of technology as argued by Kenneth Waltz through structural realists Len.

The United States ideological belief of being the, “Lone Decider of Power and Super power” to determine who gets what and when is under fundamental threat by former global Power (USSR or Russia). Since Russia allegedly involvement into the United States 2016 November elections, others major powers are very mindful with Russia’s friendship and interactions. Even though, they have been mostly uncertain about Russia’s involvement with rogue states.

Rogue state is a nation regarded as breaking international law and posing a threat to the security of other nations. For instance, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Syria, Libya and the former Iraq under Saddam Hussein. However, to be a rogue state in theory should be capable to commit four aggressions: pursue Weapon of mass Destruction (WMD), support terrorism, severely abuse its own citizen, and stridently criticize the United States. Most interestingly its often lacks transparency; Rogue states has been theorized by international theorists to states that threaten world peace and stability.

The most recent uneasiness was expressed when France National front (NF) leader and candidate Marion Anne Perne Lepen visited Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in Russia, this  strongly suggests that the United States has really been obsessed with power than security. I believed in my mind, the Karl Max theory failed the US because she focuses more on economic growth, power expansion and the creation of more worth than ideas.  Today, the whole of Europe is deeply concerned with Russia cyber-attack and hacking during elections. We are waiting for France and Germany’s elections outcomes.

Since it has been long suspected of Russia’s meddling in hacking, and the world has place internet security (cyber-attack) about friendship. Yet, the US bourgeoisies or capitalists as well as major policy makers are unceasingly involved with Russia. Although there have been escalating concerns by lesser holders of power, but complains and investigations are not taking seriously.

I also see Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Marxist thought of “Economism’-the idea that economic and technological advancement account for change and this change the US has not prioritized according to time. He further spoke of the idea to power in international relations. The question is: does Russia see the United States as subordinate class or power? I say this, to mean that many Americans stakeholders, politicians, political analysts unendingly are pointing fingers at Russia for its cyber-attack.

The Americans are complaining because they have not prioritized their intangible like ideas (Cyber-Security) management and techniques. Therefore, the world democratic security is fallen, but is it because president Donald J. Trump is not their much loved person?   America needs to maintain its world leadership stem then focusing on the 2016 elections contentiousness that won’t change the outcome. When will the clear cut obvious be revealed to authenticate Russia’s involvement that change the people/citizen’s populous “will”?

The US 2016 elections result was overwhelmingly and largely decided by the undecided and regular voters according to some political analysts on elections results during and after voting.  Anti-Trump administration isn’t only hurting the international democracy, but America’s influence as world super power. Is it really truth that Russia is mocking democracy?

The careless way the argument has being proffered by Americans themselves deeply question the US call to spread democracy globally. During the 2000 US election result and practice of democracy was marked with serious controversial that called for recount in Florida before legitimatizing, and affirming President George W. Bush, Jr as winner over Al Gore.  The democrat complained of uncertainty noticed during and after the election thus involving the Supreme court for opinion. And only at that point the court could resolve it, and indeed decided a result that based on obvious facts. Therefore, let the US show proof of Russia meddling.

If nothing is done against Russia, this interference into democratic could and will happen again like what the west usually with Africa or weaker democracy around globe. Before, we always heard “Washington’s choice or Pro-Washington” but it’s becoming “Moscow Choice”.

While it is not a good practice to change citizens’ choice by any foreign government neither influence elections results as it often been done the United States. We will condemn the Russian authority if the US government avail all the evidences to substantial their allegation. In many ways, the US has been deeply involved with leadership change through military engagement or coup d’état tactics and cash support to group like. “Washington will”.


Since Washington has been a solitary force meddling into the body politics of other nation-States as the record of modernity and democracy is concerned. In 1940, the Central Intelligent Agency (CIA) teethed into western Europe to influence the body politics there.

It was not too long ago, in 1948, the US buttressed Italy’s Centist-Christain Democrat and guarantee their election against a Leftist Coalition, secured by one of the most powerful and influential communist parties in Europe.  The US didn’t rest, but campaigned against President of the Republic of the Philippines Ramon Del Fierro Magsaysay in 1953.

These ugly and harmful democratic practices perpetrated by the US against “Rogue States” since 1953 and even to present. In 1953, The prime minister of Iran Mohammed Mossadegh was outed by the US and subsequently replaced by an authoritarian Monarchy satisfactory to Washington. Again in 1961, Patrice Lumumba a leader of Congo was assassinated by the US a sponsored plot because he was never their choice.

Additionally, in 1954, the Guatemalan president Jacobo Arbenz from the leftist-wing was outed when he challenged the vast control of the US fruit company, a United States of America corporation. To be sure, the US turn its action to the Chilean socialist president Salvador Allende who was brutally tumbled in 1973 and replaced by the Washington guy General Augusta Pinochet. It has been widely proven that Washington “Guys or Choices” must be unopposed by other democratic system.

According to Statistics revealed by Dov H. Levin institute for politics and strategy (Carnegie Mellon University), judiciously calculates that the “two powers intervened in 117 elections around the world from 1946-2000-an average of once in every none elections”.  The two powers discussed are the United States and Russia respectively. In 1940, the Central Intelligent Agency (CIA) teethed into western Europe to influence the body politics there. And since then, they have remained very outrageous on international democracy, peace, Security, terrorism and the Supporter of Rogue States and the one who dethroned.

It is recorded that in 1950 through 1960, Japanese Center Right Liberal democratic back by the American fund secretly unseated unfriendly regime. Also, in 1957, the US helped Christian Parties in Lebanon to win crucial election with briefcases full with money. Money the influence of power; the creator of carnage. That is why former US President, Barrack H. Obama gave the Syrian rebel groups more than US$500 Million to remove President Bassam Assad, but every effort proved fruitless. Similar undemocratic mean was executed in 2009, the then Secretary of State Hilary R. Clinton ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya in a coup d’état. These are also called interference because the people’s desires are never respected.

In sum, let America do justice to democracy so it can be the most convenience, a unique and acceptable module for electing our leaders. When America leave other nation-States alone then she won’t be worried about elections meddling. The US started it, and now she is feeling the effect of injustice, but until then, let us know the fact backed by proof of Russia involvement into US 2016 elections. Is democracy losing out to communist?

Jefferson G. Togba is a lecturer at the United Methodist University; he holds master of Arts degree in Diplomacy, Law & Business. He also read extensively on international Affairs with emphasis on International Political Economy at the Jindal School of international Affairs at the O.P. Jindal Global University in India. He also served as conference panelist during the India-Africa Corporation held in New Delhi in 2014; and he graduated with bachelor degree in Business Administration at the AME Zion University, Liberia. Email:

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