The Death Of Several, With Others On Critical List In Central Monrovia, Gov’t Blamed

Last Friday evening was a painful, sorrowful and sad moment for bystanders and marketers down Johnson Street side of the Rally Town Market area when a truck carrying two 20 foot containers fell, killing at least three persons, leaving several critically injured and damaging thousands worth of properties took place.

Tears could not stopped rolling down the cheeks of some people and family members of those who were killed on the scene and sorrow could not as well leave their faces as they continue to shift blames on central government for not taking appropriate steps to prevent this sad incident.

According to eyewitnesses, this troubling incident which took place late Saturday evening, April 8, 2017 as a result of failure of the brakes on the truck, thereby losing control from the top of the Johnson Street hill rolling down until it reached the jam packed Rally Town Market where it dumped the two containers.

The accident scene was filled with security personnel from the various security agencies in the country, to include the Liberia National Police (LNP), the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) and the Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) among others and bystanders who our reporter observed could not gave chance for security officers to carry out their functions.

Drama At The Scene:

While on the scene this paper also gathered an interaction between police boss Col. Gregory Coleman and head of traffic Mickey Gray, where Col. Coleman questioned Officer Gray as it relates to the official time containers trucks should ply the streets.

“Col. Coleman: Mickey! Come here I thought we have straight rules on the time these things should ply the streets. Officer Gray: Yes sir, 5:00 o’clock Col. Coleman: but why now. Officer Gray: but is after 5 sir,” officer Gray and his boss Col. Coleman interacted.

According to eyewitnesses who spoke to this paper, the container truck forcibly stopped when it hit mini pickup carrying sachets of mineral that was parked on the same road before falling on several persons and properties.

“My friend, the truck lost control from up the hill there and it started coming down, hmm, as soon I came out of this cook shop where the container fell on, I just saw the thing and that was how I jumped, and the woman that was standing near the container just fell on her and her intestines came out,” an eyewitness only identified as Sumo believed to be in his teens told this paper.

Another eyewitness and direct victim who could not control herself as she watched the body of her little son being taken from under one of the containers into an ambulance could not stopped calling the name of God as she cried bitterly.

“Oh God; here I am oh, why me, what kind of country is this, my people your come for me oh, my baby going oh,” she cried as she was prevented from speaking to journalists.

Also, another direct victim only identified as Abraham told newsmen that his 14 year-old daughter that was a 10th grade student called Jacqueline fell prey to the incident after she went to transact in the Rally Town Market.

“I lost one of my daughters in this incident and her name is Jacqueline; she was 14 years old and in the 10th grade. Right now as I speak to you I’m in tears, because somebody who just told me say papa I’m going on the road to sell and I said yes ma go and do small hustle, but to get this kind of news about my daughter, one of my beloved daughters,” Abraham told journalists in tears.

Eyewitnesses further narrated that the driver of the truck fled the scene due to fear of his life by angry mob and he reported himself to the Liberia National Police headquarters through the help of some individuals on the scene.

The containers which were carrying over 50 blue barrels fill with chemical intended for the preparation of alcohol is said to belong to NICOM, an alcohol production company just within the same vicinity.

Meanwhile, the police are still conducting investigation and are yet to make preliminary reports on the matter.

Some Liberians who spoke to journalists blamed the Liberia National Police for not taken seriously the issue of defective vehicles that continue to ply the route of Monrovia and its environs that most times led to accidents with the death of innocent Liberians.

By: Jackson C. Clay, Jr./NR

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