Liberian Lawmaker Request Benefits For Detained President, Charles Taylor

Detained Liberian Leader, Charles G> Taylor

As former Liberian leader, Charles G. Taylor struggles in his 50-year prison term in the UK, a member of the Liberian House of Representative, Maryland County Representative Bhofal Chambers is calling his colleagues for the detained former Liberian leader to receive his benefits.

The Maryland County Representative request was contained in a communication addressed to the plenary of the House of Representatives in which he beseeched the body to find out the status of Charles Taylor’s benefits in his capacity as former President of Liberia.

Chambers said there was a need to address issue of the former Liberian leader benefits, because according to him it is by law that benefit despite his current status as convicted war criminal serving a jail sentence in the UK.

“We should look at the rule and constitution, and of us may be in such situation. This must be based on objectivity and reasoning. We have not been able to get clear picture of his benefits,” Representative Chambers told his colleagues.

The Maryland County lawmaker indicated that whether Taylor fought anybody, chased anybody or not, it is by law that he gets his just benefits.

However, the communication from Representative Chambers received some hash-reactions across the floor with some lawmakers asking him to produce documentary evidence indicating whether the former Liberian leader has not gotten any benefits or whether he (Chambers) is a kin or administrator to the former Liberian President.

“My concern is we are here to advocate for our people, but this advocacy by Chambers is specific. Is he the kin or administrator?” representative Numene Bartekwa of Grand Kru County in a rather disappointing state of mind asked.

Bartekwa meanwhile called on Representative Chambers to provide documents detailing those benefits in order to be considered by plenary.

Representative Garrison Yealue reminded his colleagues that the issue of Charles Taylor was in court and as such, there should be no further discussion on the matter.

After the reading and discussions, the communication was forwarded to the committees on claims, petitions, human rights and judiciary to further give full report on the investigation to plenary.

It can be recalled that the former official spokesman of the family of Charles Ghankay Taylor, Senator Sando Johnson once said talks are smoothly ongoing between the Government of Liberia and their lawyers over the payment of benefits of the former Liberian leader.

On January 28, 2013, the family of Mr. Taylor sued the Liberian Government at the Supreme Court of Liberia in demand of Mr. Taylor’s benefits as the 21st President of Liberia.

The case is still before the Supreme Court because it is the final arbiter of justice in the country.

Source: Reuben Sei Waylaun/New Republic

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