More casualties raise the death toll to 35 at least in the massacre of Khan Shaykhun including about 10 children

Warplanes carry out more than 90 airstrikes targeting the northern countryside of Hama and clashes continue in the countryside

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that rescue operations for people of Khan Shaykhun city are still continuing in the medical points and hospitals of which they have been transferred to, while the death toll keep on raising due to the shelling that took place this morning.

According to the quoting military sources said, the shelling caused a massacre in Khan Shaykhun city south of Idlib province, where medical sources confirmed to the Syrian observatory for human rights in conjunction with the activists of the observatory that the death toll was raised to 35 person.

at least including 9 children, and the death toll is expected to rise because some people are still in serious conditions, and due to information about other dead persons who were transferred to several hospitals in Idlib province.

It should be noted that the medical sources and the activists of the observatory have confirmed that one of the neighborhoods of Khan Shaykhun city was bombed with material believed to be gases which caused suffocation and other symptoms, like intense breathing secretion, iris shrinkage, pail, general spasm, and other symptoms appeared on the injured people.

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