In Central Liberia ANC Partisans Endorse Alexander Cummings As Standard Bearer

ANC Political Leader, Alexander Cummings

Hundreds of partisans and delegates from the seven districts in Bong County of the opposition Alternative National Congress who converged in Gbarnga City, Bong County on Saturday, April 01, 2017 endorsed and elected Mr. Alexander B. Cummings as the Standard Bearer of the Party.

Being escorted by Eminent Party Member and Bong County Native, Ambassador Jeremiah C. Sulunteh into Gbranga, Mr. Cummings was welcomed by a slew of his, and Ambassador Sulunteh’s many supporters on their way to the ANC’s Bong County Head Quarters was overwhelmed of the level of turnouts.

Mr. Cummings’ candidacy was formally endorsed by several prominent groups in Bong during a program held before the primary at the party Headquarter in Gbranga. The endorsements included that of District 4 independent representative, Lester Paye.

Representative Paye during the occasion told his kinsmen that this time around he will run as an independent candidate this time but announced at the program that he would be joining the ANC in his bid t9o serve his people, an announcement that received heavy applauds.

The Bong county primary for Standard Bearer, is the party’s second primary, an event which will occur in all 15 counties.Mr. Cummings ran unopposed in Bong and won the seat through a white ballot. Once elected Mr. Cummings thanked his fellow partisans and supporters, and promised them that it if they were willing to work with him, and the ANC, that together they could build a better Liberia.

Mr. Cummings also drew their attention the many untapped resources in Bong, including the Kpatawee waterfalls in Bong and their capability to bring hydroelectricity to the citizens of Bong. “You deserve to have electricity throughout Bong. It’s possible. After 170 years, we deserve a better Liberia.”

Party Chairman Lafayette Gould, reminded the crowd of Bong’s importance to the country, being that it is one of the most diverse and its contribution to the country’s GDP, illustrating that the ANC was not there to just collect votes but saw the value that Bong County brings to the entire country and the party.

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