Franklin Graham: Faith Played a Role in the Lives of Ebola Survivors

“Facing Darkness” will be in more than 700 theatres in 600 cities nationwide on Thursday March 30. The film gives audiences a gripping behind-the-scenes look at how heroic volunteers risked their lives in Liberia to care for patients infected with the deadly Ebola virus. Two of those volunteers, Dr. Kent Brantly with the North Carolina-based charity Samaritan’s Purse and medical missionary worker Nancy Writebol became infected with Ebola themselves.

That the two survived is a miracle, says Franklin Graham, President and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse. The film’s title, inspired by what Graham saw in his office at the exact time Dr. Brantly came very close to death.

In a wide-ranging interview, FOX’s Jane Metzler talks with Franklin Graham about “Facing Darkness” and the role faith played in saving the lives of Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol. He also reflects on what we learned from the 2014 Ebola epidemic and discusses projects Samaritan’s Purse is involved with today.

Graham, who helped rally evangelical support for Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign talks about his relationship with the President, his thoughts on everything from the administration’s agenda to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and his Christian faith. And the son of beloved evangelist Billy Graham has an update on his father’s health and some thoughts on the 98-year-old’s lifelong fondness for lard icing.

Source: News Now/ Fox News Online

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