The Moral That Corrupts Our Society: the Church VS the Government, Who is Corrupt The Most?

Jefferson G. Togba

In time past, we have been taught to be good in its entirety as believers. Today, this doctrine is still being practice because it helps our everyday dealings. No matter where we find ourselves and what we do.We must keep our conscious clear. We should not steal what belongs to others or all;not to cheat other either kill others. Whenever we gathered to paid homage to God our creator. There is a very strong awareness and reminder to love our neighbors as ourselves. By this we must serve with integrity.

Therefore, we congregate to ask God to create in us a new heart and give us a kindred spirit. This does not mean we don’t have hearts neither the kindness in our existence as human being. We hold these practices and belief system to be truth to our faith to honor God in all things while serving humanity. Do we see the government corruptibility seated on the Churches’ shoulders then what the Holy Bible says in Isaiah 9:6-7?

The Churches’ collections (Monies)

Is the church really on the brink of corruption? When over corruptibility lives in the church; it damages or declines the standard of living. With this the church has compromised many values. At every worship center, we do collect offerings and prayed our offertory prayer like “let the offer be used for its intended purpose”. So where are the offerings and purposes; when members are seriously living in abject poverty?

What others purposes we have more than keeping our edifices well tidy then cares for the needy, orphaned, old folks etc.? But in recent times, only the Reverends or pastors, very few council members and in some instances departmental or auxiliary heads chopped the monies (offerings).  Regardless of what the Bible commands us to do. The churches’ members are living in hopelessness. No love neither giving back to the neediest. Yet, they are paying their tithes, offerings and make other contributions out of their window’s might.

Even during every program held, the church calls for additional payment like we paid our monthly income tax, Social Security Benefit to the National Government for development and social welfare. Do you know that most of our churches have a very huge amount deposited at commercial banks whereas members sleep on empties stomachs? Church members are seeking a minimum amount of US$50.00-US$150.00 from colleagues and other well-meaning Liberians to start a business, yet, the leadership isn’t listening to their request nor quandary.

Where are the welfare committee within our churches like the National Social Security Welfare Corporation and Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection?Not only the dead receives tribute, but the living too. The very people you refused to look after during their struggles days in life, they are the one praised the most when dead and gone.

Holding everything constant, corruption makes the church voicelessly. Before, corruption took hold of the church its used be the alternative voice and the decider of peace and corrections during conflict. Meanwhile, the church has lost its integrity at the hands and feet of money. And this has eventually over the years spoiled today’s society. Indeed, the Holy Bible remains us to void the strong love for money since it’s root of all evils.

Corruption, too is a grievous mischief that deters growth. In my argument, the church is most corrupt then the state because more or less every member of the government is a member a church.In other words, I want to believe that the church has introduced this virus to a larger extent into our society since we find these same people in the church leadership. Where are the moral virtuous that are expected from US as believers to lead by examples? I bet we have professed Christian headed at almost every government’s operations/institutions (ministries, agencies, commission, bureaus etc.) if not all, but why there are more corruptions allegations?

Government officials chopped for everyone (Tax payers)

Despite these improvementsin governance functionalities, sufficient challenges remain to fight corruption.Each person continues to denounced act of corruption, but the lack of political will has encouraged the very crime we all kicking against.

One of the most prominent examples are the alleged involvement of senior members of the executive and Legislatures. Now do you see why the church is responsible as these very officialsof government are members of a deacon board and other leaders within the church, even pastors. When we meet at the building as “church”, we are taught good morals then why all these extra evil behaviors?

Like the Church, Government officials are playing a lip service game at the top because they only believed in making their appointing power’s happiness then the people that appoint (Elect) the power. However, corruption isn’t a new phenomenon like political patronage, on the other hand, the government has set low standards to prosecute individuals with minus crimes then those perishing resources meant for all.

By the same token,the church, the national government has huge reserve deposit at Central Bank of Liberiawhilecitizenslive in horrible poverty and destitute.  Citizens are struggling to earn their livings. Still the leadership isn’t listening to their concerns nor quandary. It was revealed by the very government that it signed bogus concession that raised citizens hopes for employment but, no realization.

In fact, one of the first thing I learned when raising this discussion was that most of what I thought I knew about corruption was wrong. Rather corruption, and most of alleged corruption cases, could be summed up by certain axioms or fundamentals. Irrespective of the availability evidences, leaders care about staying in office so they don’t really want to know feel hide by corrupt practices and actions.

Incumbents tend to win reelection. Hence, they don’t listen to outcries of how resources are mismanagement either embezzled by confidants. Those conducts are not too relevant for leaders during those periods. After all friendship rapportpoint toward how people process information and attach seriousness. Yet in trying to understand the prosecution cases, most the hearings or explanations have been less than satisfactory because the conclusion does not deter neither honesty to fight the economics wrongdoings.

Once more to appreciate these questions, it’s helpful for leaders to act according to the LAW and think of leaders who will have the political will to prosecute for wrongs because laws are not feelings but, facts.  In reality, we don’t see the truth and commitment to fight those “economics vampires” that ruining our country’s resources intended for everyone.

In conclusion, the church is responsible for corruption because they make the government and are in government at the controlling arm. We meet as church to renew our vow to upright morals. Yes, corruption isn’t   a new phenomenon, however, the government must seriously prosecute individuals allegedly involved into actto deters others would be. Remember that good in itself is never a news because it’s expected us to do well in all things, but the wrongs make more news. So let’s avoid the wrongsand act right.

Jefferson G. Togbais a lecturer at the United Methodist University; he holds master of Arts degree in Diplomacy, Law & Business. He also read extensively on international Affairs with emphasis on International Political Economy at the Jindal School of international Affairs at the O.P. Jindal Global University in India. He also served as conference panelist during the India-Africa Corporation held in New Delhi in 2014; and he graduated with bachelor degree in Business Administration at the AME Zion University, Liberia.

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