In Stable Mining Trial: Varney Sherman Woe Deepens, As Court Orders Bank To Produce Checks; He allegedly said destroyed

Cllr.Varney Sherman

After publicly stating in court last Friday in the ongoing Stable Mining bribery trial admitted before the Judge of Criminal Court ‘C’ on Capitol Hill that he destroyed major evidence relating to the case, the woe of the learned Liberian lawyer seems to be deepening.

In his admittance to the Court, Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman said, “I also confirmed that we do not have return checks or statement for any month or period in 2010 were either shredded or burned,”, Cllr. Sherman who is also a Senator of Grand Cape Mount County told the jammed parked Court room.

Prosecutors has earlier subpoena the court to order the appearance of Joseph Bayogar, an expeditor at the Sherman & Sherman Law Firm, who is believed to have signed for checks that were allegedly issued by defendant Sherman to other co-defendants charged in the trial.

Bayogar who is still in the employ of the Sherman & Sherman Law Firm, told the Court that, upon receipt, he gave the enclosed envelope that contained the checks to defendant Sherman as required.

“I went there (IB Bank) in 2010 in the month of May, and I collected statements and returned checks sealed up in envelopes given to me, and I took them to my office and gave them to my boss, Cllr. Sherman,” witness Bayogar explained to the court.

The witness further explained that, each time he went for the bank statements and checks on behalf of the firm, he either delivered same to one Ms. Parker if defendant Sherman was not present in the office. He said he delivered the checks in question to defendant Sherman on that very day.

Upon completing his revelation, prosecutors requested the Court to qualify defendant Sherman to take the stand and testify to the whereabouts of the checks, alleged to have been given to him, by his employee, Bayogar.

“Prosecution, at this state, in keeping with the latest answer just given by the witness on the stand and previous answers given as to the person to whom he surrendered the return checks to the Sherman & Sherman Law Firm, which previous answers named Sherman as one of such persons, and Cllr. Sherman being present in Court as a co-defendant in these proceedings, prosecution prays your honor to have the witness discharge; thereafter, have Cllr. Sherman made to take the stand to produce and or say the whereabouts of these original checks that are said to have been turned over to one Ms. Parker or defendant Sherman himself, in keeping with provisions of status relating to the instruments and or evidence (Documentary) said to be in the possession of adverse party, so as to expeditiously proceed with the trial of the honorable court. And submit,” Cllr. Darku Mulbah, one of the Prosecutors in the trial said.

The request by the prosecutors was granted by the court as the defense counsels interposed no objection, thus allowing defendant Sherman to take the stand and testify to the whereabouts of the missing checks, believed to be in his possession as indicated by his employee who had earlier testified before the court.

When asked on the witness stand to testify to the whereabouts of checks numbered 001740, issued on April 22, 2010, in the amount of US$200,000 (as indicated on the spread sheet published by the Global Witness); check numbered 001743, issued on April 23, 2010 in the amount of US$500,000 (as also indicated on the spread sheet and published by the Global Witness), Defendant Sherman told the court that he has destroyed those checks in question.

However, the court then ordered the IB Bank to produce the whereabouts of the checks in question during the next court sitting on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, and further noted that failure of the part of the bank its officials will be imprisoned.

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