Medica Liberia Celebrates International Women’s Day

Written by Reuben Sei Waylaun, Sr.

The Country Director of Medica Liberia, Caroline Bowah Brown is calling on the Government of Liberia to provide safe home for women who are victims of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV).

Speaking at programs marking the official celebration of Medica Liberia’s International Women’s Day Celebration held at Peace Island in Monrovia Friday, March 24, Madam Brown noted that the lack of safe homes for SGBV victims is one of the challenges her organization is faced with.

Madam Brown said, with the safe home, women who have been violated in any form or manner will be given good care, will have a place to lay their heads and be provided food and other basis needs; but government have to help in the process.

“We want to use this opportunity to call upon the government to see the need to be able to include in the national budget the construction of safe homes. The first step is to have one safe home for at least a year. Because once we have one safe home, then those women who are in need will be able to go for rescue; and will not return to the cycle of violence that they are experiencing day by day. We hope that the government is listening and can start to do something about it,” Madam Brown said.

According to Madam Brown, women have equal rights as men, and as such, they need to be protected under the laws of Liberia, adding that women rights are being violated on a daily basis.

The Medica Liberia Boss is calling on men who are in the habits of violating the rights of women to put an end to such humiliating act and take women as their mother, sister and daughter.

Speaking earlier, the guest speaker of the program, Joyce Quoie underlined the critical role women continue to play to the development of Liberia and the world at large.

She asserted that the world would not be a better place if women are not given the chance to play active leadership role.

“Moreover, Liberia is witnessing the development of their nation because of the critical involvement and role played by women. Our world would be unbalanced and undeveloped if women are still kept in the kitchen as was done in the past. Women are capable of doing many good things for the forward match of the world,”Madam Quoie averred.

She stressed that it was time for women to be frank, bold and decisive and get involved in the development of their communities; noting that it was the boldness of the Liberian women that led the end of the civil war.

Madam Quoie thanked President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Madam LaymahGbowee and all women activists including those honored at the program that continue to sacrifice and contribute to the development of women at community level.

Meanwhile several women from various communities in Montserrado were honored for their contributions toward the promotion of women’s rights and empowerment.

Those honored were Ms. Sarah Roberts, Mother Martha Dennis, Ms Albertha T. Cole, Mrs. Hawa Sampson and Ms. MuddleyNyonjay.

Others include Ms. Janjay Collins, Ms. Janjay Collins, Ms. Joyce Gbondin Quoie, Mother Mala T. Jallah, Mrs. Viaba T. Flomo and Ms. Kona A. Yeawolo.

International Day of Women (IWD) is observed all over the world on March 8 every year to recognize the struggles and achievements women have experienced to gain equal rights.

Throughout the month of March, activities and events are held to celebrate social economic cultural and political achievements of women and also to call on decision makers to take actions on issues of gender equality.

IWD has been observed since the early 1990s in other parts of the world.

This year’s celebration is held under the global theme “Be bold for change and national theme, Women Unite, Support Change for Inclusion.”

Medica Liberia Celebration of IWD highlights the achievements of grass root women who with little or no resource and a heart full of passion for women’s rights have contributed to improving the social and economic status of women intheir community.

Over 200 women across Montserrado County were part of the Medica Liberia International Women’s Day celebration, which started with a grand match from the Congo town main street to the pace island community.

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