Liberian Leader Makes Several Appointments in Government

Liberian Leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made several appointments in government affecting the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation, National Housing Authority, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs as well as the Law Reform Commission.

Those appointed include:

National Social Security & Welfare Corporation

Mr. Dewitt von Ballmoos            –    Director General

Mr. Nyan Twayen                –    Deputy Director General

National Housing Authority

Mr. Prince Wreh                –    Managing Director

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Atty. Naomie Gray                –    Assistant Minister for Legal Affairs

Law Reform Commission

Cllr. Felicia Coleman                –    Co-Chair

Ministry of Internal Affairs Local Government

Sinoe County

Mr. Robert S. Toteh                –    Superintendent, Seekon Statutory District

Mr. Walters Wright                –    Asst. Superintendent, Seekon Stat. District

Mr. Edward Wlue                –    Supertindent, Wedcarba Statutory District

Mr. Edward Norman                –    Asst. Superintendent Wedcarba Stat. District

Mr. Peter Wiah                –    Relieving Commissioner, Wedcarb  Statutory District

These appointments are subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate where applicable.

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