MUSONS Group Incorporated: Is Our Company of The Year – 2016/2017

One of Liberia’s successful real estate developers, Joe Mulbah and his darling wife also graced the occasion

Having over the past years observed the activities of one of Liberia’s most committed construction companies and real estate developers, it was resolved by some Liberians interviewed through a sampling survey that indeed the management of the MUSONS Group Incorporated, a Liberian owned construction company has been named as our Company of the year – 2016/2017.

MUSONS Group which is owned and founded by a Liberian entrepreneur, Joe Gene Mulbah, is a professional estate developer institution striving to making sure that Liberia is greatly recognize amongst the comity of nations in the area of infrastructural developments; the beautification and construction of well designed housing facilities.

GTBank Buchanan Branch, Liberia

The dream of ‘Joe’ as he is affectionately called is to professionally compete with foreign owned construction firms that are mostly control by Lebanese is elastically making the difference thus bringing dignity to the Liberianization policy with the employment of hundreds of Liberians.

Established August 24, 1996 and granted a Class ‘D’ Certificate, MUSONS Group is now making headway in its professional services to the Liberian business community with the construction of modern housing facilities at the request of banking and private individuals.

GTBank – Ganta Branch, Liberia

Today, MUSONS is among the most reputable engineering firms in Liberia with partnerships spinning contract from United Nations organs such as the UNDP, UNHCR as well as NGOs and banking institutions to include: AFRICARE-LIBERIA, Liberia Bank for Development & Investment (LBDI), residential clients, Guaranty Trust Bank, Ecobank, Afriland Bank, Government institutions, etc

Driven by the urge to succeed and the benefits of an administrative intelligent design, MUSON weathered the storm and achieved remarkable capacity-building and financial security in record time over the years, thus earning the regards and confidence of an array of clients from all walks of Life (Foreign and Domestic).

MUSONS now enjoys the options to decline or choose from amongst a barrage of offers in contracts for the best and most critical designs in engineering construction. When one reflects on the rather difficult past of MUSONS, one can appreciate that “the agonies of history can best find their justifications only in the realized freedom and happiness they ultimately make possible for humanity”.

Residential building Accra, Ghana

MUSONS Group comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds of experience, offering services with competence in a rapidly expanding business world. It is recognized that the complexity of many of today’s problems necessitates that financial and human resources of the corporation be closely interrelated and coordinated to yield maximum productivity and return.

MUSONS Design Construction Company limited is the forerunner of the other companies within the Group. The reconstruction of Liberia along with modern infrastructural standards requires the involvement of all professional Liberians and foreign professionals residing in Liberia. The Company has the aggregation of architects, engineers, general builders and technicians capable and prepared to deliver professional services. Regarding its Architecture services, MUSONS’ paramount goal is to provide quality designs and services to all its clients.

Office of National Social Security & Welfare Corporation Payne Ave. 15th Street, Monrovia, Liberia

Its Diversity helps to be an innovative and humanistic, while experience and personal directions allow difficult, complex and technical projects to be executed professionally within a reasonable time span.

The comprehensive services of MUSONS Group also include; feasibility studies, site selection and the acquisition of architectural designs, and complete construction document, space planning, graphics and interior.

Rock Quarry – Musons Aggregate Company, Ltd , A member: Musons Group, Inc.

MUSONS Group’s general construction services ranges from low cost to high structures, renovation/refurbishment & maintenance, commercial/industrial complex. As a professional group, it has experienced professionals with a high sense of duty and direction providing services in areas not limited to Civil Engineering (Masonry, Concrete and Structural works).

Its wood technology include wood workshop which is well equipped with modern equipment for the production of doors, strips of all designs, furniture, etc) also in the area electrical engineering including General wiring of residential, commercial and industrial structures, generator installation/maintenance, solar technology and electric services, sanitary engineering composed of general welding, constructions of steel tanks, steel gates, steel spiral staircase, etc).

Speaking to Mr. Joe Gene Mulbah the Chief Executive Officer of MUSON Group in a rather appreciative tune, “Our ultimate goal is to develop what we have to meet modern standards for convenient usage. This requires state-of-the-art research and experimental designs to maximize the use of our natural resources for national development. The challenge is great, but we can see Beyond the horizon that one day Liberia will be  counted among industrialized nations,” he told the GNN-Liberia in a chat.

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