Benoni Urey Quits Lonestar Cell As Board Chairman

The political leader of the opposition All Liberian Party (ALP), Mr. Benoni Urey

The political leader of the opposition All Liberian Party (ALP), Mr. Benoni Urey announced yesterday, Saturday March 4, 2017 that he is resigning  as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lonestar Cell GSM/MTN Company after serving in that capacity for 18 years.

Below is the full text of Mr. Urey’s press statement delivered to the Liberian media:

March 4, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press: I have the distinguished pleasure of welcoming all of you to this very important press conference this morning.

After 18 years of dedicated service as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lonestar Cell/MTN, I am today announcing my decision to step down as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Please allow me to thank all the Directors, especially Mr. Emmanuel Shaw and all our value employees of the corporation for the level of support we received over these 18 years of stewardship.

We have made some very good friends along the way over these many years, and honestly, I will miss those relationships.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press: As all of you are doubtlessly aware, I am seeking the Presidency of the Republic of Liberia in the October 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections on the ticket of the All Liberian Party (ALP), of which I am the First Partisan.

My motivation and decision comes from the realization that the Liberian people have been longing for a change; a change that will transform their lives; a change that will bring dignity and pride to their families, and I am convinced that the ALP is in the best position to bring about that essential and necessary change.

As you are aware, we have always been there with you during difficult times; namely, the war and the unfortunate Ebola outbreak. We would like to acknowledge your loyalty to this corporation. To our many customers out there, we want to thank you for your patriotism and nationalism.

We want to reassure you that Lone Star is the only foreign corporation operating in Liberia with a Liberian ownership of 40% of the company. In spite of the contribution we continue to make to the economy, we have been targeted, over fined and prosecuted. But you, our valued customers, have remained with us through it all. This commitment to Liberia must continue even in our absence.

As we move on to continue our fight to improve our country and improve the lives of all Liberians, we want to admonish you to put Liberia first.

The next few months are very crucial and I intend to devote my time and energy entirely towards this process of restoring hope to all Liberians.

Allow me, once again, to assure all employees of Lonestar Cell/MTN and our many subscribers that Lonestar Cell/MTN will continue to provide improved services across this country. I am pleased to state that my decision to relinquish my role as Chairman of the Board will have no effect on the ongoing expansion exercise, which strives to provide improved cellular services to every town, village, and hamlet in the Republic of Liberia.

Finally, as I step down from the helm of the Board, I leave with a heavy heart, but happy to announce that the Board of Directors at the just ended meeting endorsed my plea to reintroduce the $1.00 for three days and encouraged the Management to provide other services and promotions to the Liberian people during these very difficult times.

Again, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press: We shall continue to remain steadfastly engaged with you as we together work for the betterment of our country.

I thank you!

Mr. Urey concluding his press statement also posted on Face Book noted.

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