River Gee County Finally Cuts Off, As Deplorable Road Condition deteriorates

Reports from the southeast of the Country speaks of the agonizing situation being encountered by travelers including children in hard forest as a result of bad road condition, are calling on the Liberian Government through the Ministry of Public Works to come to their rescue.

Many of the travelers who usually travel from River Gee via Grand Gedeh to Monrovia are now using the route through Maryland and Grand Kru before as a result of the cutting off of the road between Grand Gedeh and River Gee Counties.

GNN-Liberia southeastern Correspondent who just arrived in Fish Town, River Gee County from Monrovia after going through unstable ride, explained the difficulties travelers are going through from Monrovia to the County is very severe that the little ones some time feel ill as a result of the long distances to have to cover before reaching their locations.

Speaking via mobile phone, our Correspondent said it is a serious situation, noting that the road between Fish Town, River Gee and Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County has been completely  cutoff, adding, “We had to go through some tough time by traveling through these two counties”, our Correspondent said.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Public Works through a press release said it will shortly go into those affected areas to see how best it can help in solving the issue of bad road condition in that part of the Country.

Last week some residents of the affected counties who are legible voters for the 2017 general and presidential elections threatened to withhold their voting cards if their lawmakers don not come to their rescue, and provide solution to their plight (The bad road condition).

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