South-Easterners Angry With Government, Threatens Defiance Posture During Elections

Photo Credit: Patience Handful Dalieh
Photo Credit: Patience Handful Dalieh

Residents of the three southeastern counties; Maryland, River Gee and Sinoe say they are bitter with their lawmakers for paying ‘deaf ears’ to their plight as the condition of roads in that part of the Country remains terrible, a situation they described as unbearable and creating hardship for people in that part of the Country.

Speaking with our Correspondent in Harper, Maryland County, some chiefs and elders expressed disappointment in their lawmakers who they said have resolved to only enrich themselves and abandon those who voted them in office

“We are seriously disappointed in those who we elected as our Representatives and Senators. They are only concern about themselves and forget about us who stood in the sun to vote for them,” Nathaniel Togba believed to be in his late 60s and a resident of Harper City speaking to GNN-Liberia Correspondent stressed.

“Three Counties have been cut off from Monrovia as a result of bad roads condition which is affecting many of our citizens who do not have jeeps like most of the lawmakers do, a situation that have made travelers from Maryland County to spend weeks in hard forests due to the condition of these roads,” our Correspondent speaking via mobile phone said.

As a result of this many voters who have registered in preparation of the October 2017 general and presidential elections have vowed not to reelect those individuals who are again craving for their votes, noting that they will do all in their powers to bring dignity to their lives when reelected.

Our Correspondent said many of those spoke to have expressed their anger on those current lawmakers who they said have abandoned them, making reference of the unbearable road condition from those three affected southeastern Counties, namely River Gee, Maryland and Sinoe Counties.

However, speaking to our Correspondent, a lawmaker of one of the Counties blamed the Executive Branch for been insensitive to the plight of the people, noting that it is the Executive Branch that has the will power to recondition roads and not the lawmakers as many of the people believed to be.

One of the travelers who spoke to the GNN from River Gee County said he spent four to five days to reach Monrovia due to the bad road condition, adding, “This situation is terrible, can you imagine we had to sleep on that highway in hard forest endangering our lives just to reach Monrovia,” Aaron Zulu speaking to the GNN noted.

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