Liberia Will Rise Again and Her Lone Star Will Shine Forever!

Rabbi Prince Joseph Tomoonh-Garlodeyh Gbaba, Sr., Ed. D.
Rabbi Prince Joseph Tomoonh-Garlodeyh Gbaba, Sr., Ed. D.

In the beginning when God created the universe he created man in his own image and he gave man the power to multiply. In so doing, came the peopling of the earth, the procreation of families and clans and nations were derived there from.

Interestingly too, human life started from the continent of Africa and out of the many peoples that evolved overtime were God’s chose people among the Black Race, the “Israelites of the Black Race”, to whom he would give abundant freedom to rule themselves and never be colonized in millennia down the line.

To such people, he would also give abundant blessings and resources to be a shining light for the rest of their brothers and sisters to emulate. He would then lead them from East and Central Africa to west of Sub Sahara Africa, and deliver unto their descendants, their sons’ sons and daughters’ daughters, the “Canaan of the Black Race”, the Promise Land called Liberia, “Land of the Free”—and its citizens would be called Liberians!

flagAnd it so happened as God decreed in millennia past, the ancestors of Indigenous Liberians grouped linguistically as Kwas (Krahn, Kru, Grebo, Bassa, Deiweion, Gbi, Belleh, Sapo), all descendants of ancient African civilizations of Aksum, Nubia, and Egypt trekked from the East, from the River Nile valley in Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt, and later joined their brethren the Mandes (Mende, Vai, Gola, Mah, Dahn, Kpelle, Kissi, Gbandi, Mandingo) who hailed from the great Kingdoms of Mali, Songhai, Ghana, and Benin, to journey westerly till they each reached their divine destinations and set up homes on the Grain Coast now known as Liberia, and they lived side by side in peace and tranquility.

True to his words, God did grant them the freedom of self-rule, each having dominion over their kingdoms and principalities. Though at times tongue and teeth fell apart, the Indigenous remained intact and together they resisted the raging daggers of colonialism. But subsequently over the ages then came that most dreadful moment in history, when some of our brethren were taken overseas in captivity for more than five centuries before again the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, would emancipate and repatriate them to the verdant shores of Cape Ducor, of Gbelleh-dru, Sanquin, Gbehzon, Drugbor, and along the mountainous terrains of Garwula, Porkpa, Gola Konneh, and Tewor, to resettle among their brothers and sisters, and build a modern nation to be named and styled The Republic of Liberia.

liertyThe national emblems they formed were unique in colors and rich in thought: the eleven stripes of the Lone Star Flag symbolizing the eleven signatories of the self-proclaimed Liberian Declaration of Independence, not from colonial rule, but to forbid encroachment of their territories by western colonial vampiresas God had deemed necessary. Thus, the red and white colors symbolizing courage and moral excellence of our forebears, whilst the white star perched within the blue square represented the first independent western-styled republic in Africa, Mother Africa! Further, though it has been argued in many quarters that “The Love of Liberty” did not bring us all to these verdant shores, I beg to differ that it did in one way or the other, in that even our Indigenous ancestors in olden times in the East, had to flee the constant bombardments of unfriendly tribes and the scarcity of farmlands, and traveled westerly in search of peace, freedom, and justice, and self-rule, and plenty of farmlands since they were mostly agrarian peoples.

Hence, though from the start it seemed God’s children would never merge or intermarry, yet through his grace we are all one melting pot—no Congors, or Americo-Liberians, or Country people, but Liberian citizens! And though we have had our bitter experiences of the past and even in the present, a family tree may bend but it cannot break! The good and bad experiences we have had may be bitter and hard to forgive, but with the reinstatement of rule of law, when every man and woman can be held accountable for the consequences of his or her actions and not cast blame on innocent people or dispense justice based on collective guilt, then it is very certain that Liberia will rise again and her Lone Star will shine forever. And, if, we learn to make good use of our limited human, natural, and mineral resources for the common good of all and not for a handful of selfish greedy people, then Liberia will rise again and her Lone Star will shine forever.

Yes, Liberia will rise again and her Lone Star will shine forever if we elect competent and patriotic citizens to lead us and not vote into office incompetent people who do not know the difference between the letter “A” and “bull frog”, then Liberia will rise again and her Lone Star will shine forever. Yes, Liberia will rise again and her Lone Star will shine if we hold our public servants accountable for the consequences of their actions and if we put square pegs in square holes and not appoint or elect incompetent people on tribal or family lines to do jobs they are not qualified to do. A word to the wise is quite sufficient!

Therefore, go and register to vote and vote with your conscience! Please do not cast your ballots on tribal or family lines. Cast your ballot because the person you are voting for is sincere and has Liberia at heart so that Liberia will rise again and her Lone Star will shine forever!

Rabbi Prince Joseph Tomoonh-Garlodeyh Gbaba, Sr., Ed. D.

February 15, 2017

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