The ‘Voters Trucking’ Techniques: NEC Threatens Imprisonment Of Politicians

National Elections Commission (NEC) Chair, Jerome Korkoya
National Elections Commission (NEC) Chair, Jerome Korkoya

The yesteryear tactics applied by politicians to gain more votes during elections at the determent of poverty stricken electorates by trucking them from one end to another during voters’ registration process with little or nothing, will now be in trouble as the National Elections Commission (NEC) has threatened to arrest and sentence to prison for six months anyone who will be caught in this act.

Records show in previous elections how during NEC’s voters’ registration excise for the preparation of pending general and presidential elections desperate politicians secretly truck people from one end to another to cast ballots in their favor at the determent of their opponents just for a little of nothing.

This time around the National Elections Commission says it is watching with eager eyes politician caught playing similar game by trucking people from one end to another will be imprison including the person who is being used by that politician to illegally vote to area where they are not from.

NEC’s action come in the wake of reports that some politicians were working around the clock as usual to recruit eligible voters to register ahead of the 2017 general and presidential elections at difference locations apart from where they resides.

Recently, Senator Milton Teajay of Sinoe County raised an alarm ahead of the February 2, 2017 voters’ registration that some people were making preparation to start trucking people from Monrovia to various parts of the country, a situation he described as illegal, and further vowed to bring to book those who will be caught in the process.

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