As ‘Huge Baboon’ Terrorizes Citizens In Western Liberia, Three Districts Threaten To Abandon Elections

baboonThe Superintendent of Bomi County has disclosed that citizens of three districts in his county have threatened to abandon the 2017 general and presidential elections since the Liberian Government has reportedly failed to listen to their plight about the regular attacks on their lives by baboons.

Speaking to reporters via mobile phone from Turbmanburg, Superintendent Samuel Brown said the situation is serious as farmers and students cannot go about their normal businesses due to the constant attacks by these baboons on their lives of citizens.

Superintendent Brown however disclosed that there has been no dead reported, but stated that citizens in the county are in fear, and are concerned about this situation, stressing, “We are calling on the central Government to see reason in coming to the rescue of the citizens through its proper security apparatus,” Superintendent Brown speaking further noted.

Our western Liberia Correspondent who also spoke on the issue also said parents of school going kids are expressing concern over this situation, noting that many of the children residing in those affected villages and towns are not going to school for fear of been attacked by these harmful animals on their way to their respective localities for school.

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