Int’l Judge Ends Assessment Tour To Liberia, Assures Trial Judges of Acceptance To World Body

By: Eldred Wlemongar Thomas

JUDA visiting delegate of the International Association of Judges has assured the National Association of Trial Judges of Liberia of its acceptance as a member of the World Judges Association.

According to Judge David Carter, the International Association of Judges decision to apply for acceptance means that the association will be accepted because it is what many countries have not been able to do.

Judge Carter noted that there is no other organization that is so worldwide like the International Association of Judges, noting there are regional associations that are respected within more 110 countries.

Judge Carter, who currently serves as a Federal Judge in the United States of America, was sent by the IAJ to carry on an assessment on the workings of Liberian judges.

Judge Carter spoke at the weekend at the Temple of Justice at the farewell program marking the completion of Judge Carter’s assessment visit to Liberia.

During his assessment visit in the country met with several stakeholders in the country including the members of the Supreme Court Bench, the Liberia National Bar Association, the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, and the US Ambassador accredited near Monrovia.

The International Judge also met officials of the Ministry of Justice, the Liberian Legislature among others to get information on several of Liberia’s justice system.

The US Federal Judge at the same time lauded the Liberian Legislature for being supportive to the Judiciary Branch of Government.

He commended the Liberian judges for their job well-done for what he termed as performing their sacred duties and responsibilities to the country and taking a step forward to the IAJ.

Judge Carter added that most countries in the world do not have the courage to do by putting themselves on the world stage for examination.

He urged the NATJ to continue communicating with the association because he said, it is the best means through which they will be noticed and called on the association to stand up for what he calls the principle of independence for the Judiciary.

Judge Carter among other things stated that he came on the assessment in the country with what he calls biasness in favor of Liberia and that there is a reason for his biasness which he said is together that makes the association stronger.

Criminal Court “E” Judge, Joseph Fayiah on behalf of the International Association Judges expressed sympathy with Liberia judges for death at the Criminal Court.

Also speaking the President of NATJL, Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie indicated that their application to be admitted into the IAJ is in line with the leadership of the association’s promise in making sure that they are internationally recognized.

Judge Willie, who is also the Presiding Judge of Criminal Court “A”, stated that the assessment visit of Judge Carter is to observe whether or not the judges or the Judiciary Branch of the Liberian Government is independent and free to dispense justice.

Judge Willie indicated that the leadership of the NATJL has established a connection with American Trial Judges Association.

According to Judge Willie, the National Association of Trial Judges of Liberia on March 23, 2016, wrote the International Association of Judges few months ago and appointed two rapporteurs, Judge Nazim Juma of South Africa and Judge David O. Carter of the United States of America.

He among other things expressed hope the hope that his organization’s application will be accepted at the IAJ’s conference that is expected to be held in Chile in October of this year.

With headquarters in Rome, Italy, the International Association of Judges is a professional and non-political organization that was founded in 1953 in Australia to safeguard the independence of the Judiciary, guarantees human rights and freedom and to advocate and seek the welfare of judges.

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