2017; A Year Of Decision Making!

Written by Bako Korboi Shuaibu, JR.

Bako Korboi Shuaibu, JR., the author
Bako Korboi Shuaibu, JR., the author

The year 2017 is finally here, and with just nine (9) months to go to the poll once more to elected a new code of officers that will steer the affairs our beloved state for the next six (6) years, be remanded that every seconds, minutes, hours, and day of life we make decision that effect our lives neither positive nor negative. And being cognizant of the fact that, the most difficult thing in life to do is to make decision, because the decisions make will either takes you forward or send you backward. Aware of the aforementioned, let’s remember that Liberia is all we have. It is our common denominated, our beloved patrimonial and the only country on planet earth we can’t be demoted from.

Going forward in these elections it is prudent enough that we think, love, and build Liberia by means of contributing positively toward the growth and development of our already fragile and emerging democracy. This can only be done if we commit ourselves to the implementation of initiatives that are meaningful, impactful and will strive to promote peace and stability during this difficult/important time in our nation’s history.

Meanwhile, statistic overtime have shown that, we as young people constitute 65% of Liberia’s population and 80% of the register voters for the last three elections. Haven’t said that, let’s us (young people) not allow ourselves to be use as weapon of mass destruction during and after these elections, like previous elections has shown. Let’s us denounce all form and instructions of violence coming from ourselves, political parties/leaders, alliances, coalitions, and candidates, during and after these elections. This is an open challenge to fellow young people across Liberia. Let us all decide and commit ourselves to maintaining the peace, security and stability of Mama Liberia.

These elections folks, is the election of issues rather than perceptions and attacks. As you may be aware that 80% of our population has said and alluded to the famous statement on quote that “the UP and Ellen lead government has failed”. Recent elections across the world have shown that issues have prevailed over perceptions, election such as: Goodluck Jonathan vs Mummadu Buhari of Nigeria, Nana Akufo-Addo vs John Drimani Mahama of Ghana, Yaya Jammeh vs Adama Barrow of Gambia, Donald J. Trump vs Hilary Clintons of the United States and many others. On this note, I like to urge all political youth and partisan in general of the major political parties, such as: ANC, ALP, new CDC, MOVEE, LP & UP to do just to the electorates this time around. Please refrain from discussing candidates attitude and commit to adequately discussing their platforms (party’s manifestos) that reflect the need and want of the Liberians people.

In view of the above, the first start to voting and getting a President, Vice President and Legislators elected is by obtaining your voter ID card or other may say your National ID.

The registration process is just 10days from now and so I encourage us all to turn out in our numbers come February 1 – March 7, 2017 to register to vote.

In conclusion, these elections call for digital campaigning; I like to challenge all political parties/leaders and aspirants in these elections to harness the power of the internet and make adequately use of it. Lastly, let’s us desist from selling Liberia for rice, money and decline from being truck. Indeed Liberia will decide. Thanks to all!

God bless us all.

God bless Liberia and save the state.

The author of this article, COMD. BAKO KORBOI SHUAIBU, JR., is a graduate of the Seventh-Day Adventist High School (PHOENIX-CLASS of 2013/2014) on Camp Johnson Road, Monrovia. STUD. SHUAIBU, JR. is also a Sophomore-Student of the African Methodist Episcopal University on Camp Johnson Road, Monrovia; reading Public Administration-Major and Economics-Minor. He is also an Advocate, Writer, Social Entrepreneur, Pan-African Evangelist, Global Change maker, Social Change Activist, Motivational Speaker, Innovator and a staunch Intellectual of the Pan-African Conscious Corner. He can be reach at cell #’s: (+231) 777-604-909/886-161-455, or Email: shuaibujr@gmail.com/Facebook.

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