The Secret Recording Scenario – Ellen Corkrum Style Reaches Gambian Dictator, As He Secretly Record ECOWAS Chairperson

L/R: Ex-President Jammeh, Ellen Corkrum and ECOWAS Chairperson and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
L/R: Ex-President Jammeh, Ellen Corkrum and ECOWAS Chairperson and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The ‘Secret Recording’ scenario of individuals unknown to them which was nearly two years ago initiated by the former Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority, Ellen Corkrum who secretly recorded several officials of the Liberian Government regarding their link to corruption at the LAA after she was indicted by the government is nowadays spreading.

The Ellen Corkrum ruse has crossed over to the Gambia, when recently the ex-president of the Gambia, Yahya Jammeh secretly recorded a conversation between him and the Chairperson of ECOWAS, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and aired same on his Country’s national TV, a situation which publicly drew the attention of many Liberians reflected back on the Ellen Corkrum’s scenario.

During the Ellen Corkrum’s scenario, she alleged that the Director of Security at the Roberts International Airport (RIA), Nyenk Subah had planned and purchased a secret recording device that she used to secretly record conversation she privately had with officials of the Liberian Government including the President of Liberia.

The former LAA boss prior to her departure to the United States was indicted on charges of economic sabotage and corruption by the then Grand Jury for Monserrado County at Criminal court “C”.

Some Liberians who spoke to our reporter noted that history is repeating itself, making reference of the secret recording done by Mr. Jammeh to showcase that yes indeed what goes around comes around, reminding many of the ruse that was initiated and carryout by Madam Corkrum has crossed over to the Gambia.

However, according to media reports from the Gambia, the former President of that West African nation has reportedly departed his home country to Guinea after being pursuit by international military forces including the United Nations for his defiance to relinquish power to the just winner of the country’s elections.

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