After 12 Years Of Pregnancy, Woman Finally Gives Birth To A Male Child

By: Eldred Wlemongar Thomas

The baby being taken care of my nurses at a local clinic
The baby being taken care of my nurses at a local clinic

It was an astonishing moment as jubilation overwhelmed the people of Jah Tondo town in Brewerville, the outskirts of Monrovia when a woman identified as Fatu Badio gave birth to a male child after carrying a pregnancy for twelve years.

The woman at the center of this fascinating report, Fatu Badio narrated that since the start of 2005 she got pregnant and passed the normal nine months period for woman, something that placed her life on a different path.

People in queue to see the baby born after 12 years
People in queue to see the baby born after 12 years

“Since then I have been visiting churches and attending Revival and Crusades, but later decided to just sit and look up to God”, Fatu explained while sharing tears of joy said.

According to her, she also visited several hospitals and health centers in and around Monrovia where some medical practitioners told her it was growth, while others said it was a child.

The wonderful baby
The wonderful baby

“After all the different results, I became resolved to just sit and wait on God’s time.

When quizzed about whether she harbors fear giving the unbelievable circumstances surrounding her pregnancy and birth, Fatu said there is no sign of fear noting it is was God’s doing.

She explained that God’s time cane 12 midnight Tuesday when she got in pain and was rushed to the Dutch-Liberia Medical in Tondo town in Brewerville outside Monrovia.

She told our report that she did not experience any illness unlike in the case of many pregnant women.

Fatu pointed out she and the family encountered tough time due to her long years of pregnancy making reference to abandonment by the child’s father.

“I was abandoned by him and only my boyfriend stood by me during my trouble year, she explained”.

The delivery of a boy child after a twelve year pregnancy drew the attention of hundreds of residents mainly woman as well as students, passersby.

She said her delivery was more than dream comes through, while thanking God for helping to exercise patience in her time of distress.

The mother of Fatu Badio only identified as Ma Tetee who also spoke the GNN-Liberia said while her carry a pregnancy for 12 years it was very troubling and difficulty time for the family living among other people.

The elderly woman added that situation placed the family in a complete bondage, but thanked God for the safe delivery of her daughter after such long years.

She said residents had accused their family of been involved in witch craft activities and had eaten someone else’s child that was why she could give birth.

“My daughter delivery today is like a heavy load removed from the head our family especially Fatu and myself”, Ma Tetee noted.

A staff at the Dutch-Liberia Medical Clinic said since the establishment of the health facility, it was the first of its kind to deliver a woman with such situation.

A special prayer was offered for the giving the mysterious circumstances surrounding the coming of James Tamba in the world, as women and young girls increased their volume of praises to God in English and different local dialects.

But it remains unclear whether the father of little James Tamba will return to take ownership of the child after abandoning him and his mother for good number of years.


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