They’re Coming Again With ‘Empty Promises’, Liberian Voters Heedful

ballotbox-liberia-f41h2kAs date for the National Elections Commission (NEC) voters’ registration gets underway on February 1st to March 7th, 2017, Liberians are publicly calling on their kinsmen to go out on that day to register and vote, but warning them to be mindful of those claiming to be the best and craving for their votes.

Our reporters who toured Monrovia and its environs sampling the views of Liberians as to what they hope to do during these elections come October 2017 said this time they will be mindful in electing that person who will lead them for another six years.

According to our reporters, Liberians interviewed on the upcoming general and presidential elections, said this time they will be mindful in putting their act together to vote for the right person who will bring dignity to the people of Liberia.

“They are coming again with big and empty promises aimed at winning the hearts of the Liberian people in this coming elections, but they will be disappointed this time, we will make sure some of them are booted out for doing nothing for the people they represent,” Mrs. Sarai Toby of Grand Kru County who is currently visiting Monrovia in a chat with our reporter said.

“I can assure you, that many of those currently in House of Representatives will not return, because they have failed their people, but rather enriching themselves and their families at the detriment of Liberian taxpayers”, Jayson Mulbah, a student of the United Methodist University (UMU) in a chat with our reporter voiced out.

For those opting to becoming the next representatives, our reporter quoting Liberians interviewed are also expressing reservation of their chances, describing them as ‘Old wine in new bottles’, and that many of them will do the same thing when elected as representatives.

“Many of them who are now visiting communities that they never thought of visiting prior to their legislative and presidential quest have now resolved at all cost to impress voters that they are the right people, and that they should be voted for come October, 2017. This time many of them will miss their marks,” Abraham S.K. Brown, a petty trader at waterside speaking to our reporter said.

With all of these reservations from Liberians regarding who to vote for come October 2017 elections, one would deduce that Liberians are now trying to be mindful as to whom to vote for, and are also sensitizing their fellow compatriots to register and vote right for the betterment of their beloved country, Liberia.

Currently Liberian politicians are using all techniques in getting on board voters who will vote for them, while others, according to media reports are trucking voters from one end to another in order to be voted for, a situation that has been decried by many who are in return exposing those involved in this tactics.

Written by Joel Cholo Brooks.

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