Gambian Parliament Passes Resolution To Bar ECOWAS Military Intervention In Banjul, As Justice Minister Flees

Speaker Bojan
Speaker Bojan  of the Gambian Parliament

Gambian Parliamentarians on Monday, passed a motion (resolution) calling on the ECOWAS Heads of State Authority to desist from using force to flush out the regime of dictator Yahya Jammeh. The resolution has barred the West African bloc from deploying troops to Banjul, to settle the political impasse. Deputies agreed that peace should encourage to settle the political impasse and not through forceful means. The MPS cited the issue of Gambia being a sovereign nation and the need for the country’s constitution to be respected by the African bloc.

Ruling APRC Parliamentarians also called on ECOWAS to encourage member states to send the supreme court judges recently hired to hear dictator Yahya Jammeh’s election petition. The members said the pending case must be heard before any transfer of power could happen.

Mr. Jammeh has barely 48 hours to finish his five year mandate as stipulated by the very constitution the APRC MPS are invoking. There is no provision in the Gambian constitution, which says a defeated incumbent cannot be replaced if he or she has a pending election petition before the courts.

Meanwhile, President elect Barrow, and his family have been hosted by the Senegalese government pending his official inauguration scheduled for Thursday, January 19th. Barrow and his Transition Team said the inauguration will go ahead on Thursday. ECOWAS has thrown its support behind President elect Barrow and the Gambian people.

Gambia’s Justice Minister Mama Singhateh
Gambia’s Justice Minister Mama Singhateh

In a related development, Gambia’s Justice Minister Mama Singhateh, has reportedly fled the country, the Freedom Newspaper has gathered. Justice Minister Singhateh, is believed to have fled to neighboring Senegal. She has joined the list of Jammeh cabinet Ministers on the run.

Ms. Singhateh’s whereabouts became an issue on Monday, afternoon after reports emerged that one of the police intervention officers (PIU) assigned to her has deserted the force. The police command were notified about the officer’s alleged abscoding. This was befor midday. Ms. Singhateh, later followed suit. She was reportedly smuggled out of the country by third party intelligence operatives.

The Freedom Newspaper gathered that Mama’s absconding shocked dictator Jammeh. Jammeh couldn’t believe that Ms. Singhateh, has abandoned him hours before the expiration of his five-year term as President of The Gambia.

The majority of the Ministers serving the Jammeh regime have either resigned or fled the country ahead of President elect’s Barrow’s inauguration scheduled for Thursday. Sources in the know intimated Mr. Jammeh is likely going to lead a government without a cabinet.


SOURCE: The Freedom Newspaper

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