GNN-Liberia Editorial: Be Mindful Of Politicians With Sugar-Coated Talks

Liberians queued out during last elections
Liberians queued out during last elections

As Liberia’s 2017 general and presidential elections draw closer, dozens of politicians are nomadic at the corridor of political power to satisfy themselves as the best choice of the people.

Many of them with sugar-coated promises have resolved to induce voters of their interest to make their lives better if given the authority to be their leaders.

These sugar-coated individuals have once again resurfaced, putting many Liberians under the pretext of being their saviors when elected during these upcoming elections.

We call on Liberians, especially those of voting age to be mindful of many of those considered as ‘political prostitutes’ who are desperate of their votes.

Similar promises were made in the past by these politicians under the pretext of coming to the aide of poverty ravaged Liberians.

Be mindful of these sugar-coated politicians who are here once again to highten your votes for their political quest and give you whaa-way at the end of the day.

To conclude, we want to urge all Liberians who are of voting age to be mindful of these sugar-coated politicians; they are here again to grab and pocket your votes for their selfishness.

Be mindful Liberians of 2017 Sugar-Coated Politicians!

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