Speaker Explains Reasons For Legislative Continuity

new-speakerUpon his ascendancy to the post of Speaker of the House of Representatives, Emmanuel Nuquay outlined in his leadership platform the need for legislative continuity as a key factor in enhancing the development agenda of Liberia.

Nuquay in his inaugural address vowed to embark on a robust campaign that will ensure a massive transition of members of the 53rd to the 54th Legislature during the General and Presidential Elections in October this year.

And again, while addressing the House plenary at the start of the 6th and Final Session of the 53rd Legislature on Monday, Nuquay said continuity in the legislature is absolutely necessary in consolidating the gains that Liberia has made over the years.

Advancing reasons for his continuity stance, the House Speaker said he strongly believes that it will strengthen Liberia’s democracy and accelerate development across the nation.

Nuquay also stressed that the training and experience acquired over the years by members of the legislature is a valuable investment that should not be lost.

“They (representatives) know the inner workings of government and how to get things done. Changing our lawmakers every election undermines this investment

and slows down development initiatives,” he said.

Nuquay asserted that it has been proven that with stable and continuous representation in the legislature, constituents can easily access resources they need to accelerate development in their areas.

He re-emphasized that during this year’s election period, he and other members of the House will make a strong case to the Liberian people to see the need to re-elect hard working and results-oriented lawmakers to the Capitol Building.

According to Nuquay, a recent national survey conducted by the Legislative Information Services informed the body of the problems members of the House are facing in their respective districts.

He said measures will be instituted shortly to address those problems and improve the relationship between members of the House and their constituents for the purpose of regaining their trust.


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