Turkey was told not to go further than 20 kms into Syria: Erdoğan

n_108191_1“There is a reason behind the fact that those who accused us of not fighting against ISIL and bore down on us internationally have started to tell us not to go further into Syria after we attacked ISIL.

The plays and excuses of those who support another terrorist group against ISIL were distorted after Turkey has progressed in the field. It has become apparent that they do not want to eliminate ISIL and other terrorist organizations from the region, but rather to transform the region into an endless sea of blood and fire.

As you can see, those who cannot confront us are planning to make us kneel down and hurt us with the help of terrorist organizations,” he said.

Presidential spokesperson emphasizes on Erdoğan’s words

İbrahim Kalın, the president’s spokesperson, said the U.S. had developed a strategy which suggested Turkey not to fly further than 20 km into Syria.

“Descending 30 to 35 kilometers below, 20 kilometers further, it is aimed to establish or maintain a PYD [Democratic Union Party] corridor between Afrin and Manbij,” he said on Dec. 5, adding that Turkey had strongly objected to the establishment of such corridor.

Kalın stressed that the U.S. considered the PYD as an efficient and reliable group to support in the fight against ISIL.

“With the help of the Euphrates Shield operation, we have shown that the Free Syrian Army is capable of carrying out the fight against ISIL, if it were to be supported and coordinated in the right way,” he added.

SOURCE: News Now/ Daily News Online

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