Police At This Point: Must Be Appreciated Despite Of Diminutive ‘Bad Apples’

By: Joel C. Brooks/

LNP Inspector General, Gregory Coleman
LNP Inspector General, Gregory Coleman

The Liberia National Police (LNP) nowadays under the professional team of Gregory Coleman as Inspector General and Abraham S. Kromah as Deputy for Operations has grabbed the attentive ears and eyes of Liberians for their job well done in proven wrong detractors about the operations since taken over the mantle of authority of that important security agency.

Being clothed with the authority to protect lives and properties, the Liberia National Police has gone beyond border; making sure that the protection of these lives and properties are made paramount and actualize to its highest pink.

The reduction of criminals including the ‘Zogos’ around Monrovia and its suburb during the holiday seasons has added more commendation to the work of the LNP, especially with the introduction of the 24-hour ambulance services to the people of Monrovia.

Despite the inclusion of ‘Bad Apples’ within the force, its leadership has reportedly taken cue in exposing those who have determined to bring this noble organization to public mockery.

Deputy Police Director for Administration, Col. William Mulbah
Deputy Police Director for Administration, Col. William Mulbah

The presence of both Inspector Coleman and Deputy Inspector Kromah at the LNP has vigorously made the LNP to regain its lost image as the nation’s National Police force; instilling discipline and integrity for the men and women of the Liberia National Police.

LNP’s drive to chase criminals from harassing and molesting innocent citizens and foreign residents at nights daily has been lauded by every peace Liberians who see this move as bringing lasting relief to them.

Our reporter who took a sampling of views from the public regarding the performances of the police since the take over the mantle of authority by both Inspector Gregory Coleman and Deputy Abraham S. Kromah a ‘relatively peace’ has been restored; making Monrovia residents and its environs tom sleep in peace without their doors been broken in.

Col. Abraham S. Kromah, Deputy Director for Operations
Col. Abraham S. Kromah, Deputy Director for Operations

“These guys are doing pretty well since taken over the police; crimes around the city have drastically reduced, and the introduction of the 24-hour ambulance for the first time by the police is indeed laudable; we appreciate them a lot,” Amos Morris of Barnerville speaking to our reporter over the weekend.

Amos is among dozens of others who have expressed thanks and appreciation to the Gregory Coleman administration at the LNP.

For Alice George of central Monrovia urged the leadership of the police to remove those police officers who bent on bringing disgrace to the entire members of the LNP, adding, “It is better for Inspector Coleman and his principle deputies to be more vigorous in removing the ‘bad apples’ in their midst if they are to maintain a professional police force,” she noted.

As some Liberians are learning how to appreciate the LNP for its numerous performances during the year under review, the leadership of this vital security network should also learn to segregate those considered as ‘Bad Apples’ from those committed and professional officers if this force must make the difference in the coming 2017.

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