Woman Missing After Brother-In-Law Set Ablaze Her House And Threatened To Kill Her

Madam Lorpu Dunbar Reportedly Missing
Madam Lorpu Dunbar Reportedly Missing

A 64 years old woman, Madam Lorpu Dunbar is reported missing after her house got burned in Koryah Bong County during a serious land dispute with her brother in-law, Mr. Amos Dunbar following the death of her husband Willie Dunbar.

Speaking to our reporter in an interview recently, a relative who refused to be named for retaliation from Amos Dunbar, revealed how he (Amos Dunbar) on a regular basis beat and sexually assaulted Mrs. Dunbar opting to marry Mrs. Dunbar who is commonly call Ma Lorpu.

Also speaking to our reporter another relative of Mrs. Dunbar, Mrs. Mary Savays said Ma Lorpu told her that this unbearable situation started during the deadly Ebola outbreak in July 2014 when she was refused by local medical authority, and later taken to her Dunbar’s farm by her nephew Lemuel Cooper for traditional treatment.

Mary said while on the farm, Amos continued to sexually abuse Ma Lorpu constantly asking to marry him in order to claimed the farm, she further told our reporter  that as a result of this, her nephew Lemuel complained to the community leaders about Amos’ behaviour towards his aunt.

Mary also said as a result the complained against Amos to the community leadership, he threatened he Lemuel’s life, and also promised at all cost to cut his life short, telling him that he has considered him (Lemuel)  as his enemy.

According to Mary, the conflict continued between Amos and Lemuel until he was found dead on his way from Monrovia on October 15, 2016.

His mysterious death put Lorpu in shock and was fearful of her life as Lemuel was her only trusted relative after her son fled the country in 2011.

Her son who wife was also poisoned by Amos had to leave Liberia because he feared his life also; Lemuel was apparently beaten to death by unknown men.

Lorpu was frightened of the incident and decided to inform the police about all of the unbearable situations that this situation would have apparently going to be the end of her life.

After Amos heard that Ma Lorpu was making all attempts to inform the police he again threatened her life. On the night of October 27, 2016, while sleeping with her three children (Wilmot, Jummie and Mulbah Dunbar) they noticed that someone had set their house on fire leaving their dog dead, since that day, Lorpu and her children are still reported missing.

Efforts by this paper to contact the accused, Amos Dunbar proved unsuccessful as his whereabouts was unknown.

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