Fake Custom Broker On The Run ..Victims Seek Police Help To Have Edwin Barclay Arrested

fakeA fake custom broker and notorious criminal, Edwin V. Barclay, a residence of Barnersville Road, outside Monrovia, is on the run to escape being arrested by the Liberia National Police for criminality, forgery and impersonation.

This fugitive, Edwin V. Barclay, is in his late 40s and is about Five Feet tall. He recently duped several individuals more than Nine Thousand United States Dollars and other valuables by impersonating as a member of the Custom Broker Association of Liberia.

He also forged an official document of Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA)- BAVIC Individual Registration Form issued by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning to further perpetual his unwholesome acts to dupe the Chief Executive Officer of the NEW VISION Media Publishing Network and African Center for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies.

Besides forging LRA/ BAVIC payment document and bank deposits slips, Edwin V. Barclay in collaboration with other criminal gangs, illegally falsified the Tin Accreditation Number of an Individual Registration Form to execute his scam to dupe his victims who recently brought into the country vehicles that need clearing from the Freeport of Monrovia.

Through a scam of an impersonation, Edwin V. Barclay was able to dupe Josephus M. Gray of over US$800.00 and also absconded with the official Bill of Landing of Citroen C-5 2006 vehicle purchased and imported from Paris, France to be used by the Management of NEW VISION Media Publishing Network located on 116th Carey Street in Central Monrovia.

The fraud came to light when Barclay failed to produce BAVIC and other payments official government’s receipts of amount that was given to him to immediate start the processing of documents for the clearing of the vehicle.

It was during the process of an inquiry of the payment receipts and bank deposits slips that Edwin V. Barclay sudden disappeared with the vehicle original documents and bill of landing from NEW VISION Media Publishing Network main office on Carey Street. For almost three weeks now, Barclay is yet to be seemed while a thorough search put into place to locate him for a possible arrest has so far proven unsuccessful as this criminal has abandoned his Barnesville Road residence to an unknown area.

After it was discovered that Edwin V. Barclay was engaged in a suspicion activities, directly phone contact was made with the president of the Custom Broker Association of Liberia.   Due to the gravity of Barclay’s scam a activity which continues to embarrass the Association,

the custom boss requested for a direct representations to the Bushrod Island’s headquarters of the Custom Broker Association for an immediate probe.

While at the Custom Brokers Head Office,  the leadership was able to catalog Barclay’s endless sins and revealed that he has long been expelled from Association for an “unwholesome and unlawful acts. They described Barclay as a “fake, con-man and an impersonator. The Association Grievance Board Chairman displayed fake acres of land deed and other documents Barclay used to dupe some white folks, labeling Barclay as a criminal who scam’s act continued to embarrass the Association.

They also displayed bogus acres of land deed which Barclay used to further dupe one of his victims of US$8,000.00. Barclay also runs a scam JAKE Clearing and Forwarding Company of which he serves as its General Manager, and several other bogus companies.

He forged the acres of land deed by falsifying the signatures of officials of Lands, Mines and Mines to execute his criminal activities. Barclay’s scam JAKE Clearing Company identification card and fake acres of lands deed are confiscated by the Custom Broker Association of Liberia. The Association has cautioned the public not to do any business with Edwin V. Barclay in the name of the Association..

According to information, this criminal and fake custom broker is frequently around the “infamous” World Trade Center on Gurley Street, and sometime around the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, while other report indicates that he is always in the Barnesville Estate Area.

Meanwhile, the NEW VISION Media Publishing Network is admonishing the public to please inform the police wherever they notice Barclay movement in order for him to face justice to answer to his numerous crimes and criminal acts.

At the same time, NEW VISION Media Publishing Network is calling on the authority of the Liberia national Police to help bring Barclay to book to safe several other Liberians and foreign residents from being victimized by Barclay and his criminal associates.

However, according to Mr. Gray the Liberian National Police has been called to help in the arrest of this alleged fake Custom Broker.

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