Obama and I have a really good chemistry together, says Trump

obUS President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump a re trading phone calls and pleasantries, just months after regularly flinging insults back and forth.

Membership in one of the world’s most exclusive clubs, the club of US presidents, appears to have a way of changing things, with Mr Trump talking about letting bygones be bygones.

“I’ve now gotten to know President Obama. I really like him,” he said on NBC’s Today programme after Time magazine announced him as its Person of the Year.

“We have, I think I can say, at least for myself, I can’t speak for him, but we have a really good chemistry together. We talk.”

Mr Trump continued: “He loves the country. He wants to do right by the country and for the country, and I will tell you, we obviously very much disagree on certain policies and certain things but, you know, I really like him as a president.”


SOURCE: News Now/ Belfast Telegraph Online

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