‘Political Fugitive’ Simeon Freeman Returns, Vows To Remain Critical On Gov’t

By:  Eldred Wlemongar Thomas/GNN-Liberia Bureau Chief/

MPC Simeon Freeman
MPC Simeon Freeman

The Political leader of the opposition Movement for Progressive Change MPC), businessman Simeon Freeman has returned home after staying away for months in an attempt to abort his reported arrest by Liberian security authorities for his anti-government statements.

However, Mr. Freeman has vowed to be more vigor on issues that affects the Liberian people and their nation under the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government.

Speaking to reporters upon his return on Monday, the MPC political leader said he will remain ever critical of the Sirleaf’s regime in the interest of the already suffering Liberian masses.

He called on those he referred to as old politicians to give way for a new breed of politicians to move the country forward, while at the same time lambasting on President Sirleaf and her associates for creating hopelessness for the Liberian people, speaking further Mr. Freeman frowned on the President for shielding corruption officials of the regime, citing the cases of former Finance Minister Augustine Ngafuan as well as the financial break down at the National Oil Company of Liberia.

“Nowhere in the world a President will place his or her head on line when issues of allege financial malpractices come up, lest to talk about taking responsibility in the face in probe, he pointed out”

According to Freeman he will not be deterred by any form of pressure from government for his critical stance on corruption and other ills in society that continue to deprive Liberians of basic social services they should enjoy.

Contrary to statements that he is an enemy of the state, Mr. Freeman noted those who misuse public offices to create poverty and make the country and its people to go wayward are the enemies of the state.

The MPC leader said the government’s quest to go after him which caused him to flee the country created a lot of avenues to meet more prominent persons and better prepare him for the political game come 2017.

The Virginia home of Simeon Freeman was barricaded by armed police officers after he accused the Liberian government of having links to the death of former LPRC Managing Director Harry Greaves.

Freeman had challenged the government to provide facts that it was not behind the death of Mr. Greaves, something that witnessed his compulsory departure from the country.

The Movement for Progressive Change leader returned to the country months after government addressed a press conference at which time it indicated that it had dropped all charges against him.

The government assured that Mr. Freeman could return and live as a peaceful citizen, but warned he must mindful of reckless comments against President Sirleaf and the government that he cannot substantiate.

The Liberian Businessman turned politician remains one of the critical voices on ills in the Liberian society under the Unity Party government.

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