Media Sources Disclose Surprising Capabilities of Russian Aircraft Carrier

13950814000470_test_photoiTEHRAN (FNA)- Russian media sources underlined surprising combat capabilities of Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier currently deployed to the Mediterranean Sea in Syria’s waters on an anti-terrorism mission.

The Russian language Zvezda tv network reported that Admiral Kuznetsov is not only an aircraft carrier but also enjoys a number of secrets which can be “surprising”.

Western sources have claimed that Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier is not operational.

The Russian tv network released a report showing the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier has a large number of Russian-made Granit missiles, some of which are active and can be fired together to annihilate the entire warships of a large naval fleet in a single moment.

Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier’s cruise missiles are from type Granit P-700 with 700km range.

The carrier can fire 12 missiles of this kind in one round of shooting.

Admiral Kuznetsov can also carry over 50 helicopters and planes.


SOURCE: News Now/Fars News Online

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