[Ghana] Price of goods plummets as election jitters grow

ghana-tradersThe upcoming Ghana elections are causing anxiety forcing traders at major markets in the city to reduce prices of their products as they await the outcome of the 7 December election.

The country goes to polls on early next month in a keen contest that has been preceded by a pocket of skirmishes between the two major political parties, the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party.

Traders are very anxious about the outcome of the elections with some reducing their goods to clear so they could be in their various homes as they await the results.

At the Osu Oxford Street, a popular place known for petty trading, traders said that they have been forced to reduce their products to enable them sell as much as they can before the Election Day.

“At least if I sell all my goods and get my capital, I will save it in a bank and go to my village and vote and then stay there till the results are announced. After some few days then I will come and start my business, Oppong, a beads seller on the Oxford Street said.

A shoe seller who plies his trade on the same route also disclosed to this paper that the tensed nature of the elections has forced him to reduce the prices of his goods as nobody can predict what lies beyond the elections.

An anxious Amartey said that he will still get his loss profit during the charismas season because during charismas they sell more at a higher price.

Traders at the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange also have similar intentions as a second cloth seller, Yaw Donkor, believes this election is very crucial than any other he had witnessed in the country and as a result wants to sell off his products before the election day.

This, he said, will make him be in the house and monitor happenings during and after the Election Day.

SOURCE: Africa Business Communities

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