Trudeau in Liberia: some quick facts about PM’s visit and the country

ajw125374776Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in the midst of a two-day visit to Liberia. Here are some facts about his visit and the country:

— Trudeau says Canada will provide $10 million over five years, starting in 2016-17, to support UN women’s activities in West Africa, including Liberia. The money will help promote women’s participation in politics and government and support issues of gender equality.

— Another $1.5 million in 2016-2017 will go to the Global Acceleration Instrument on Women, Peace, Security and Humanitarian Action, a financing mechanism set up this year to enhance women’s involvement in peace and security.

— A Canadian contribution of $1 million will help support Liberian elections in 2017 by strengthening electoral bodies and enhancing women’s involvement.

— Liberia is a country on the west coast of Africa. It was originally established in the early 1800s by freed slaves from the United States.

— It covers just over 111,000 square kilometres, about twice the size of Nova Scotia.

— The population of 4.3 million is very young, with more than 60 per cent under the age of 25.

— Civil war in the 1990s and early 2000s destroyed much of the country’s economy and infrastructure. With the return of a democratically elected government in 2006, the country achieved high economic growth due to strong commodity prices. However, an outbreak of the Ebola virus in 2014 led to another economic slump. The World Health Organization declared the outbreak over last June.

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SOURCE: The Global & Mail

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