Police shot a man in the Bronx Wednesday after they say he came at them with a knife

bx-police-involved-shooting-22456411234717jpgIt all started around 7:15 p.m. Wednesday in Hunts Point when officers responded to a call of a man beating a woman nearby.

When they arrived on the scene, the woman pointed out 19-year-old Shamel Jones.

Investigators say Jones then ran into a building on Intervale Avenue. Police followed him into an apartment and say they found him in the kitchen holding a knife.

“The officers give verbal commands to drop the knife. He refuses to drop the knife. The lieutenant maces Mr. Jones, and Mr. Jones continues to advance on the officers. One of the officers then fires one shot, striking Mr. Jones in the lower left back,” said Assistant Chief Larry McKunan of the NYPD.


SOURCE: NY1 Online

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