Mano River Descendants Association decentralizes activities,pledges renewed commitment to advocate for development

By: Eldred Wlemongar Thomas

FLASH BACK: Some Miners in western Liberia
FLASH BACK: Some Miners in western Liberia

Mano River Descendants Association says it has commenced the decentralization of the organization’s activities to other parts of the country.

The Mano River Descendants Association is a group of Liberians from different professional backgrounds who hailed from the mineral rich terrain of Mano River Kongo in Porpka district, Grand Cape Mount County.

Speaking with GNN-Liberia, the Association’s National Chairman Morrison Tamba, said the decentralization is intended to afford their members who are out of the Western region to feel a part and contribute to the advocacy role played by the institution for development.

Mr. Tamba spoke at the weekend when the National office of the Association formally received its Bomi county branch at an elaborate meeting in Tubmanburg.

According to Tamba, the decentralization is expected to in Lofa and Margibi counties where their members reside.

“This decentralization has been wholeheartedly welcomed by our members and is a way of helping to rejuvenate our beloved MARDA,” he noted

Providing a historical background of the Association, Mr. Tamba said the association was established in the 1960s during the operations of the National Iron Ore Company of Liberia, which at the time was called Mano River Development Association.

MARDA was formed when Liberians and foreign nationals came from all walks of life in order to honestly work for Iron Ore Company at the time when Mano River Kongo was bumming,” he recounted.

Since then, the Association he noted has remained in the vanguard of advocating for human and infrastructural development in Mano River Kongo and Grand Cape Mount.

The township of Kongo has a population of over ten thousand inhabitants, lacks basic life necessities including safe drinking water, better health and educational.

Tamba also used the occasion to laud and recognize some miners in the region, making specific reference to Idrissa Massaley and his Multi-Purpose Cooperative for their contributions over the years, but challenged them do more after extracting minerals.

He recounted that the Kongo Public School was rehabilitated by the Multipurpose Cooperative after years of appeals from the Mano River Descendants Association.

The Mano River Chairman maintained that the Association remains unbending and uncompromising in their quest to see rapid development Kongo, Grand Cape Mount, Bomi and other parts of the country through its advocacy.

“Mano River must not live on past glory, but its sons and daughters must rise up to task and help to return the area to its prewar status to benefit the young generation, the MARDA Chairman concluded in strong tone.”

Also speaking during the occasion, were some members of MARDA expressed disappointment over the insensitivity leaders of especially Bomi and Cape Mount are giving to their advocacy efforts and that of the cry of the ordinary citizens.

“Mano River Kongo is rich with diamonds and other minerals, but our people are still living in an extremely unacceptable manner, they lamented.”

According the MARDA members, there is no better health care and educational facilities simply because those in authority are not seeking the welfare of their people.

They made specific reference to hundreds of their aging parents who worked with the National Iron Ore Company of Liberia and were pensioned, but are yet to receive any benefit from central government.

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