48 Seniors Demoted For Poor Performance In Ganta

waec_1GANTA, November 16 (LINA) – The administration of the John Wesley Pearson High School in Ganta, Nimba County has demoted 48 senior students for poor performance in the school’s first marking period tests.

The 12th Grade class of the institution has 210 students.

Making the disclosure to the Liberia News Agency on Tuesday, Vice Principal for Instruction Abel S. Lehgay said the 48 students did not perform to the satisfaction of the administration, and were therefore given the option to be demoted to the 11th Grade or leave the school.

Mr. Lehgay said the students failed in five subjects and above, a situation which disqualifies them to be retained as senior students at the institution.

He said the administration has a mission to make the John Wesley Pearson High School, the first government high school in Bain-Garr District, one of the best performing schools in the county.

Lehgay indicated that the administration’s action was taken in consultation with education stakeholders in the district.

According to Lehgay, the action of the school is in no way meant to deprive the students of their right to education, but to set a standard for quality education, especially in public schools.

In a related development, the administrations of the Ganta United Methodist School and Messiah Christian Academy have placed 107 senior students on probation for poor performance in their first period tests.

The Ganta United Methodist High School placed 60 senior students on probation, while the Messiah Christian Academy placed 47 on probation as well.

According to the administrations of the two schools, the neck ties of students placed on probation have been removed and they have been asked not to perform any function of senior students on their respective campuses until they improve their performance.

Both administrations have also vowed to demote those students placed on probation if they fail to do well in their second period tests.

They indicated that their actions are in the best interest of the affected students and the nation’s education system that has been described as a ‘mess’.

Meanwhile, the administrations of the three schools have vowed to continue and extend the exercise to all grade levels in their various institutions


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