Cummings Foundation Africa boosts artisans’ earnings with new handicraft showroom

handicraftThe Cummings Foundation Africa has opened a handicraft showroom allowing Liberian paintings, textile and handicrafts to be purchased by the public as it looks to boost the earnings of artisans.

The Foundation in collaboration with one of its partners, Game Changers, collects artistic works that promote Liberian arts and culture and also provides a marketplace for craftsmen and craftswomen can take their products to be sold.

The showroom is hosted at the headquarters of the Foundation, with emphasis on craftswomen.

“What we are trying to do is to support a number of women’s groups though the Foundation,” said Country Director Fatu Gbedema in an interview with FrontPage Africa on Sunday at the opening of the showroom. She said the Foundation had thought not only to empower people through capacity building but also provide an opportunity for them to showcase and sell their products.

“If they have a place where they can put those products than it can be sustainable; they can bring in their things every month and they get sold, and they get paid every month,” Gbedema added.”

“The products are on sale from Monday to Saturday weekly, according to Gbedema. A grand opening of the handicraft showroom could be done alongside the launch of the Foundation, she said.

Game Changers that collaborates with Cummings Foundation on the handicraft project works with 50 craftswomen.


SOURCE: News Now/Africa Business Community

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