BY: Farouk Martins Aresa/

nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersDonald Trump is not the face you know about America, so the shock was shared worldwide on his Election. The United States of America you know has not changed but the Government will change. Fortunately, most of the Americans that touch your life will remain the same. They are charitable, non-government foundations, entertainment stars and of course businesses. Your only fear is that Trump Government will close its eyes to their sharp practices more than ever.

Trump has set up a standard for himself against world economic realities from which Obama Administration has distinguished itself as the leading contender in the world. Though Trump painted a gloomy picture of United States economy despite relatively buoyant performance of job creation and low unemployment, will be pressed to surpass and meet each. As an elected new President, everyone must wish him well as some folks’ discomfort turn to sorrow and fear.

Donald Trump raised hope of most whites.After all, as the largest group, white people voted Trump by a margin of 58 per cent to 37 per cent.Even among white womenHilary wasoutshinedby Mr. Trump 53 per cent to 43 per cent; close enough to what Mitt Romney got in 2012. Hope based on renegotiation of NAFTA/international trade.High college graduates’ votes for Clinton were not enough.In spite of the rough indecent language, regular churchgoers and evangelists overwhelminglyvoted 80% for Mr. Trump while over 80% blacks voted forHilary.

Hispanic and white women support came far shorter.Though Mr. Trump’s backing has been credited to those left behind in the global economy, his highest support came from rural mid to upper income earners that don’t want to subsidize Obamacare.Ms. Clinton obtained a healthy lead among lower-income Sanders’ voters. But these earners of less than $30,000 only made up 17 per cent of voters. They preferred Ms. Clinton by a margin of 53 to 41% against Mr. Trump.

Trump rode the back of a tiger into electoral success. The same people may come back to haunt him if, God forbid, United States economic situation got worse. He had criticized the Chairman of Treasury Board for keeping interest rate low to help Obama. As soon as the break on interest rate is release, the leading world economy may face a recession. And a ripple effect worldwide.

This is not the face of America we know! Most Americans already made up their mind about Hilary and Trump and she had a slim lead until another bombshell from FBI Director, reviewing his Email decision a week to the election. Those on the fence that could not make up their minds one way or the other were pushed against Hilary. What is surprising in all of these, was that Hilary managed to win the popular votes while losing the complicated electoral votes.

The Republicans packaged Hilary Clinton as a flawed leader. Nothing could be further from the realities to the standard others have to meet. They supersized Benghazi into lost war while in a far worse situation, Reagan lost 241 Marines in Lebanon. The whole Country rallied around and grieved with him. It did not become a partisan issue and anyone that tried could have been labeled a traitor. Only Republicans see themselves as patriot, even if they dodged the draft.

Bernie Sanders was right. Email issue was blown out of proportion: put on steroid and turned into high crime by people that have never operated computer except with the help of personal assistants. If Sanders had faced Trump,he could have been easily shredded as a communist.

Since the rise of new economic powers in Asia, trade negotiations have changed because they demand more in return for the use of their countries unlike those of Africa. American business gained from this trade agreement shipping jobs overseas and paying foreign workers less. The profit and high productivity were not shared or passed on to these workers at home or abroad.

Moreover, new technology has rendered unskilled laborers jobless and workers can no longer leave high schools and walk into middleclass or union jobs. What has been taken for granted in the good old days are no longer available today. Like African American men, empty pocket book economics has created a class of angry men unable to provide for families or breadwinners. Yet, nobody would dare tell them those Union days killed by likes of Mr. Trump is not coming back.

Mr. Trump has exploited American anger just as Brexit did in United Kingdom. He has set his promises so high that he is going to trip on it. No country gains from international trade and automation equipment more than Western countries. Their citizen got used to their advantages for so long, they never expected other countries to wake up and demand more in return. Every finished product from pin to heavy machinery was made in Europe and America.

Indeed, the world got so used to these products, they would not buy anything made elsewhere until the Asia countries and automation took over factories. It started from textile industries transferred to India from England. It is now everything that can be sourced out. For a while, only small cars were made in Japan when America and Europe retained luxury cars with higher profit. As soon as Japan proved they could make better luxury cars, expectations changed.

The backlash was so high in United States, they started demanding American made cars in order to keep jobs at home. The Japanese had to confound them by establishing plants in the United States making the same cars they make in Japan. It became difficult to know which was homemade or foreign-made. Even German and British started locating auto plants locally to please foreign consumers. While Asians established factories, Africans prefer their ready-made.

The only countries that never learned from establishment of plants and machineries factories at home are still African countries. Almost everything Africa consumes is made outside with “pride” that they are foreign imports. So what created angry non-college educated unemployed workers in United States today are still normal and glorified in Africa. Factories and plants are closed in African countries if they have no access to poor countries’ foreign reserve to import.

Since the whole world was watching, some banana republics would repeat Trump sagas. You may then wonder what happened to Trumps of African countries. Africans import everything from pins to toothpicks. They are the ones that aid and abet foreign companies to drain their countries of natural resources while they export dollars and pounds to where they are printed and minted.

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