Ex-House Speaker Remains Defiance to Recognize Speaker Nuquay

Ex-Speaker Alex Tyler
Ex-Speaker Alex Tyler

Since his removal by his colleagues due to his indictment by the Liberian Government for his alleged link to the Stable Mining bribing scandal, and the election of a new speaker for that lower House, Representative Alex Tyler along with few of his loyalists has vowed not to recognize the new Speaker of the House, Representative Emmanuel Nuquay.

Recent legislative conference called in Ganta, Nimba County by the new Speaker and some members of the House of Representatives aimed at unifying the membership of the entire members of the House of Representatives, again the ex-speaker and his team of loyalists deliberately refused to be a part of that ‘Reconciliatory Conference’, a situation that pondered many Liberians describing the action on the part of the ex-speaker as being defiance to constitutional authority.

According to our legislative reporter, the former speaker is now been confined in his reassigned office tagged as Bomi County District # 1 Representative, but spent most of his legislative hours at his political party, the People Democratic Party of Liberia (PDPL) which he currently serving as its political leader.

Some Liberians who spoke to our staff condemned the action of the former speaker for his refusal to attend the Ganta, Nimba County legislative peace talk, noting that as a member of the House of Representatives it is prudence for him to attend such meeting in order to voice our suggestion on the table as a Representative of the people of Bomi County.

A countless visits to his reassigned office at the Capitol Building by the GNN Legislative Reporter proved unsuccessful due to his absence from his official office. As a staff who preferred not to be named told our reporter that he spends most of his time at his party’s headquarter in Sinkor, adding, “If you want to see him go there,” the office staff at the former speaker’s office said.

However, at his party’s headquarter, our reporter was prevented from entering the fence after he was identified as a journalist.

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