Tension Brewing In Western Liberia, As Bomi And Gbarpolu Counties Tussle Over Sawmill

By: Eldred Wlemongar Thomas

Bomi County Superintendent, Samuel Brown
Bomi County Superintendent, Samuel Brown

Reports from Western Liberia say citizens of Bomi and Gbarpolu counties are engulfed in renewed crisis over ownership of Sawmill and Yomo town, a disputed area in the region.

According to our reporter in the region, the residents mainly Gbarma district in Gbarpolu County have vowed to take control of the disputed areas.

The land dispute over Sawmill and Yomo town is an age old problem causing repeated conflict among citizens of the both counties.

The angry Gbarma citizens, according to our reporter during the fracas recent, forcibly removed a billboard bearing the inscription Yomo town Clinic, Senjeh district, Bomi County and operated by the Health of Team of Bomi.

According to our reporter, this sparked serious tension with the residents carrying had classes and other deadly weapons.

A country devil was also unleashed by the Gbarma citizens in protestation for the disputed land they claimed belongs to them.

They contended that Yomo town is situated in Gbarpolu County and not Bomi as indicated on the billboard, our reporter noted.

The situation has also created panic and scared away health workers as well as some residents that it could degenerate into a full scale conflict if nothing is done by authorities of both counties.

The youth of Yomo town and Sawmill have petitioned their leaders in Senjeh district giving them a three day to swiftly intervene and ensure that the Gbarma youth return the billboard.

They have threatened to move into Gbarma district with their classes for the billboard, if no action is taken by their leaders to address the concerns.

The Bomi citizens have vowed that they will not sit and see the people of Gbarpolu County possess their land.

According to our reporter, thousands of inhabitants in the Yomo town and Sawmill disputed area are involved with mineral activities evident that it is a mineral rich terrain.

It can be recalled that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf setup an Inter-Ministerial Committee under former Internal Affairs Minister Ambullai Johnson.

The committee came up with its findings that the Sawmill and Yomo town belong to Bomi County, but it remains unclear why the citizens still fighting over the disputed land.

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