Final Forecast: Clinton Leads National Popular Vote By Six Points

clinton-trumpMany tens of millions of voters need to wake up tomorrow and actually vote, but if they do in the numbers we expect, Hillary Clinton will win the presidency. She holds a clear and consistent national lead in SurveyMonkey’s Election Tracking polling, and she appears poised for a decisive victory based on exclusive polling in all 50 states.

Our final snapshot of the national popular vote gives Hillary Clinton a six percentage point lead over Donald Trump, 47 to 41 percent, with 6 percent for Libertarian Gary Johnson and 3 percent for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Clinton’s lead has been remarkably steady during the Fall campaign. As reported by our partners at NBC News, “Clinton has not only maintained a lead over the Republican nominee since the end of July, but the margin of her lead has been between 4 to 6 percentage points since the second week of September.”

That six point lead in the popular vote translates into a lopsided Clinton advantage in the all-important Electoral College. Our final snapshot of voter preferences in all 50 states plus DC, based on more than 74,186 interviews conducted during the final week of the campaign, gives Clinton a lead of three percentage points or better in 21 states. That’s a total of 257 electoral votes, which is thirteen shy of the 270 needed to win.


SOURCE: News Now/Huffington Online

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