BREAKING: FBI Director exonerates Hillary in new letter to Congress

FBI Director Jim Comey has just exonerated Hillary Clinton
FBI Director Jim Comey has just exonerated Hillary Clinton

In a bombshell new letter to Congress, FBI Director Jim Comey has just exonerated Hillary Clinton, again, in the FBI’s probe of her private email server.

CNN reports that in the letter Comey indicated that the “new evidence” has been reviewed, and the FBI has not changed its decision from earlier this year that Hillary broke no laws.

This is, as CNN called it, a “bombshell.” Comey created a firestorm a week ago when he wrote to Congress, telling them that he was, in essence, reopening the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s server, because of possible new emails found on a device belonging to Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Republicans and Democrats alike roundly blasted Comey for violating FBI rules that forbid doing anything that could interfere with an election in the 60 days preceding Election Day. I walk through the charges against Comey in an earlier video I made a few days ago.


SOURCE: News Now/America Blog

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