Liberia’s entire internet taken down by Mirai powered DDoS attack

By Anthony Spadafora

mh5xz3cm66uun84cymxnpgA series of DDoS attacks powered by Mirai botnets have been launched against Liberia that have taken all of the country’s websites offline.

A cyberattack employing the same method that recently affected a number of popular websites including Netflix, Twitter and Amazon has taken the entire country of Liberia offline.

A series of attacks was launched against the country’s basic internet infrastructure over the course of week which led to all of its websites going down. It is still unknown who exactly is behind the attack but it has been speculated that a single attacker may have been responsible.

The cyberattacks against Liberia and the DNS service provider Dyn were both carried out using the Mirai malware. This form of malware infects internet-connected devices which are then used to launch powerful distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that flood websites with traffic leading them to crash.

DDoS attacks are generally employed by hackers to take down websites but the attack on Liberia is the first time that such an attack has been used to take an entire country offline. The perpetrators of the attack targeted the two Liberian companies that own and operate the fibre cable that supplies the country with internet access.



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