As House Convenes Peace Retreat In Ganta, Dethrone Speaker Tyler, Others Boycott

gantaAs some members of the 53rd National resolved to convene a two day reconciliation retreat in the commercial city of Ganta in Nimba County, some members loyal to the former Speaker of the House of Representatives have defiantly boycott the much publicized reconciliation retreat.

The reconciliation treat which took off on  Thursday and expected to end Friday is accordingly intended to help heal the wounds and pains inflicted on some members of the Lower House during the past crisis at the House.

At the retreat a source hinted GNN-Liberia said some members, mainly those loyal to the former Speaker of the House J. Alex Tyler are absent from the two day legislative.

Former Speaker Alex Tyler, and two of his strong supporters, Maryland Representative Dr. Bhofal Chambers and Lofa county Representative Moses Y. Kollie are not present at the Ganta gathering.

Representative Chambers had said he would not form part of such meeting if Speaker Tyler was not reinstated as Speaker.

At the retreat, House Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay admonished his colleagues to see the retreat as a new beginning and a platform on which they can trash out their differences and work together for the common good of the nation and its people.

Speaker Nuquay’s cited four pillars on which his dream for a new beginning stands, and his quest to regain the lost image of that august body, and named reconciliation, image construction, re-branding
coordination, and capacity building.

The gathering comes after months of political tussle on Capitol Hill over the recusal of former Speaker Alex Tyler which later saw him removed as presiding officer of that august body.

The conflict witnessed divisions at the Liberian Senate, civil society and other sectors of the country.

Details are still emerging…

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